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  1. Death Knight Fire Sword In the November 27 patch, a new item, Fire Sword of the Death Knight, was added to the game. First you need to get the Blade of the Fire Sword with the help of the Master class skill - creating items. Simply put - regular craft. Making a sword Items needed to craft the Blade of the Fire Sword The recipe for the Blade can be obtained from the Karim monster in the Antharas Cave cross-server dungeon. Appears from 20 to 50 minutes of every hour. Resources required to craft the Blade of the Fire Sword The blade is a necessary resource for creating the Fire Sword of the Death Knight.It can also be obtained with some chance from the raid on RB Zaken. The recipe for the Death Knight Fire Sword drops from RB Begimot in the Antharas Cave cross-server dungeon. Appears at 22:00 Resources needed to create the Death Knight Fire Sword Death Knight Fire Sword Stats Phys. Atk. 431 Mage Atk. 291 Attack Speed Fast Crete. eight Consuming Soulshots 1 Consuming Spiritshots 1 The weight 1300 Death Knight Fire Sword Effects Description of the passive skill Increases all basic stats by +3 Vampiric Rage Effect Doubles the time of debuffs applied to enemies
  2. Lineage 2 Essence - Einhasad Pendants At the Vitamin Manager, Dragon pendants can be exchanged for Einhasad pendants of the same level starting from 2. On October 2, as part of the campaign to support the siege , the developers published information about the characteristics of the Einhasad suspension. Prior to this, the pendant could be purchased as part of a temporary promotion in the L store. Einhasad Pendants can be synthesized up to level 5. Only pendants of the same level are synthesized. Suspension levelPhys. Def.Mage Def.Experience gained and SPDamage receivedSpeed Atk. And Speed. Of magicPhys. And the Magician. Crete. DamagePhys. Atk. And the Magician. Atk.Active Skill Active skill Prayer - Within 15 seconds, recovers 100 HP and 50 MP. Additionally increases movement speed by 33.
  3. L2 Essence – Ice Lord’s Castle NCSoft released Ice Lord’s Castle session zone in December 16th patch for Lineage 2 Essence. Session world zone: Ice Lord’s Castle Ice Lord’s Castle is a world session zone for 85 level characters and above. Сonditions: Min. level: 85 PvP avaliable Open time: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 18:00 till 24:00 Tax: 1 million adena Standart use time: 300 min per week Possible recharge: 780 min per week Максимальное время нахождения в зоне: 1080 минут, в неделю Зона доступна для групп серверов: Aden/Zaken/Legendary, Wind/Death/Hero, Sylph/Myth В патче от 20 января 2021 года разработчики добавили в дроп мобов Башни Дерзости с 9 по 12 этажи Камень Продления Времени Замок Ледяного Лорда. Map and NPCs Character spawn in the peace zone, point #2. Nearby stand NPC Silu and NPC Secret Agent, point #1. Peace zone is pumped in by a narrow passage, indicated by two ice blocks and leads to a large hall, which ending with a hill at point #3. NPC Silu and NPC Secret Agent have the same teleport options, both cost 100k adena first one move to point #3, second one to point #6. First wave raid bosses spawn at point #4, RB Tron spawns at point #5, RB Glakias spawns in a separate zone. NPC Silu (실루) and NPC Secret Agent (비밀 요원) Dialog window Teleport to two roads (point #3) Teleport to Secret Place (point #6) Mosters level 87-90, all mobs and raid bosses have water attribute. Some monsters cast debuff (Atk. Speed -20%, Cast. Speed -20%, Movement Speed -20) Drop list: Ice Lord’s Weapon Crystal, Black Ice Core, Hardin’s Soul Crystal and around 70k adena per mob. Raid Bosses Slasheg (슬라시에그) Four raid bosses might spawn in Ice Lord’s Castle zone. All raid bosses, with the Glakias exception, appear strictly at a certain time. At 21:30 spawn one of two raid bosses Servant Summoner – Slasheg (슬라시에그) or Servant Summoner – Razisias (라지시에스), both are 87 level. Drop list include: A grade weapon and armor, Black Ice Core. Razisias (라지시에스) At 22:00 spawning Lord’s Servant – Tron (트론) at point #5. Tron is 90 level. When Tron will be defeated (no matter where was death point) at the spawn point appears NPC Crystal of Energy, which help players enter to Ice Lord Glakias zone. Drop list included: Ice Lord’s Weapon, Magic Books 4 stars, Black Ice Core, A grade weapon and armor. NPC Crystal of Energy Lord’s Servant Torn (트론) Ice Lord Glakias Terrible Ice Lord Glakias Ice Lord Glakias is 90 level and might spawn in one of two forms: Ice Lord Glakias Terrible Ice Lord Glakias The form depends on spawned boss in first wave. If there was Slasieg, then will be Terrible Ice Lord Glakias (hard mode). If there was Razisias there will be Ice Lord Glakias (normal mode). Ice Lord’s lair looks pretty close to Freya dungeon, but only with archer mobs. Drop list: Ice Lord Glakias: Ice Lord’s weapon, Magic Book 4 stars, Black Ice Core, Agrade weapon and armor. Terrible Ice Lord Glakias: Ice Lord’s weapon, Magic Book 4 stars, Black Ice Core, Agrade weapon and armor, Random Epic Accessory Box, Armor of Protection Box Special Craft Ice Lord’s Weapon can be crafter in Special Craft. List of require resources for 1 try: 1 Black Ice Core 1700 Crystals of Ice Lord’s Weapon 60 million adena In craft fails character will got 85 Crystals of Ice Lord’s Weapon. In addition, in the misc. tab, you can exchange 1 Epic Boss Crystals and 13kk adena for 1 Black Ice Core. In craft fails character will got 85 Crystals of Ice Lord’s Weapon. Ice Lord’s Weapon Ice Lord’s weapon: A grade Consume 2 shot, except Bow which consume 3 soul shots Trigger type item, which mean when a character with Ice Lord’s weapon attack an enemy with some chance might apply an attack trigger (depending on weapon type). Can be enchanted with any A grade weapon scrolls Max enchant level is +10 NC did not mention it in the patch notes, but Ice Lord’s weapon appearance changes depending on enchant level. +5 and above enchant animation +10 enchant animation Base Stats Weapon Equip method Stats Base stats Trigger skill before 21.04.2021 P. Ark./M. Atk. after 21.04.2021 P. Ark./M. Atk. One-handed Sword One-handed weapon for melee attack. STR/CON 276/151 279/151 Rush Cold One-handed blunt STR/CON 276/151 279/151 Dagger STR/DEX 242/151 245/151 Rapier STR/DEX 263/182 266/184 Two-handed Sword Two-handed weapon for melee attack. STR/CON 336/151 279/151 Absolite Zero Fists STR/DEX 336/151 340/151 Spear STR/CON 276/151 309/151 Ancient Sword STR/DEX 305/151 340/151 Dual Swords STR/DEX 336/151 340/151 One-handed Staff Weapon for range attack. INT/WIT 222/201 222/204 Frost Shackles Two-handed Staff INT/MEN 270/221 270/224 Bow STR/DEX 627/166 634/166 Guns STR/DEX 627/166 634/166 Stats depends on enchant level Ench. level Base stats Trigger skill rate Normal attack Skill attack +0 +1 1% 1% +1 +1 1% 1% +2 +1 1% 1% +3 +1 1% 1% +4 +1 1% 1% +5 +2 2% 5% +6 +3 5% 10% +7 +4 7% 15% +8 +5 8% 20% +9 +6 12% 25% +10 +7 15% 30% Trigger skill effects before April 21th patch Trigger skill Weapon ench. level Effect Rush Cold +0 ~ +4 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -30% for 5 sec. +5 ~ +6 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -35% for 5 sec. +7 ~ +8 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -40% for 5 sec. +9 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -45% for 5 sec. +10 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -50% for 5 sec. Absolute Zero +0 ~ +10 PvE: Hold effect for 5 sec PvP: Cage for 5 sec Frost Shackles +0 ~ +10 Teleport prohibition for 5 sec Trigger skill effects in April 21th patch Skill Weapon Ench. lvl Effect Rush Cold One-handed Sword, One-handed blunt, Dagger, Rapier +0 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -30%, P. Atk./M.Atk. -20% +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -40%, P. Atk./M.Atk. -25% +6 +7 +8 Atk. Spd./Cast. Spd. -50%, P. Atk./M.Atk. -30% +9 +10 Absolute Zero Spear, Two-handed Sword, Ancient Sword, Dual Swords, Fists +0 Hold effect, all weapon attack resistance -20%, PvP/PvE dependencies were removed +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Hold effect, all weapon attack resistance -25%, PvP/PvE dependencies were removed +6 +7 +8 Hold effect, all weapon attack resistance -30%, PvP/PvE dependencies were removed +9 +10 Frost Shackles One-handed Staff, Two-handed Staff, Bow, Guns +0 Teleport prohibition, P.Def./M.Def. -20% +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Teleport prohibition, P.Def./M.Def. -25% +6 +7 +8 Teleport prohibition, P.Def./M.Def. -30% +9 +10 Trigger Animations Rush Cold skill animation Absolute Zero skill animation Frost Shackles skill animation Ice Lord’s Weapon Appearance One-handed Sword Two-handed Sword One-handed Blunt Dagger Spear Bow Fist Weapon One-handed Staff Two-handed Staff Ancient Sword Rapier Dual Swords Guns By 4r4m|23 April, 2021|L2 Articles, Lineage 2 Essence
  4. กาชาปอง Heroic Equipment เริ่ม xx - xx กย 64 แลกโดยใช้ Golden Wheel Coin ได้เมื่อชนะโอริมเพียต และฟาร์มมอน 85+ เท่านั้น(ดรอบวันละ 10เหรียญ) Hero's Treasure Chest Hero's Treasure Chest (Time-limited) Sealed Quantity 1 Exchange/Account No / No รายการไอเท็มที่เปิดได้เป็นไปตามที่กำหนด Name Quantity Exchange/Account Spellbook: Exclusion 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Dark Disruption 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Meteor 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Pa'agrio's Touch 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Ultimate Death Knight Transformation 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Titan Champion 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Tranquillity 1 Yes / No Spellbook: Dragon Strike 1 Yes / No Queen Ant's Stone Breaker 1 Yes / No Core's Plasmic Bow 1 Yes / No Baium's Thunder Breaker 1 Yes / No Zaken's Blood Sword 1 Yes / No Orfen's Venom Sword 1 Yes / No Anakim's Divine Pistols 1 Yes / No Talisman of Baium 1 Yes / No Shield of Vengeance 1 Yes / No Flaming Tunic 1 Yes / No Flaming Stockings 1 Yes / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Spellbook: White Guardian 1 Yes / No Ice Crystal Gaiters 1 Yes / No Ice Crystal Breastplate 1 Yes / No Sigil of Inevitability 1 Yes / No Zaken's Earring 1 Yes / No Baium's Ring 1 Yes / No Frintezza's Necklace 1 Yes / No Queen Ant's Ring 1 Yes / No Orfen's Earring 1 Yes / No Boots of Evasion 1 Yes / No Stun Gauntlets 1 Yes / No Helmet of Mana 1 Yes / No Leather Leggings of Lightning 1 Yes / No Leather Armor of Lightning 1 Yes / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Ring of Core 1 Yes / No Package: Giran Seal (1000 pcs.) Sealed 1 No / No Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1 Yes / No Scroll of Blessing Sealed 1 No / No Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1 Yes / No Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1 Yes / No Elixir Powder Sealed 1 No / No Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1 Yes / No Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1 Yes / No Life Stone Lv. 2 - Shield/ Sigil 1 Yes / No Life Stone - Circlet 1 Yes / No Life Stone Lv. 2 - Weapon 1 Yes / No Life Stone - Accessories 1 Yes / No Cloth Piece 1 Yes / No Life Stone Lv. 2 - Armor 1 Yes / No Giran Seal Sealed 10 No / No Giran Seal Sealed 5 No / No Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority Sealed 1 No / No Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero Sealed 1 No / No Giran Seal Sealed 2 No / No Sayha's Storm Lv. 3 Sealed 5 No / No Scroll: Boost Attack Sealed 5 No / No Scroll: Boost Defense Sealed 5 No / No XP Growth Scroll Sealed 5 No / No Giran Seal Sealed 1 No / No Sayha's Blessing Sealed 5 No / Yes
  5. [ ข้อมูลไอเท็ม ] Dragon Pandace ชนิดต่างๆ
  6. ชุดเกราะ Protection สามารถหาได้จากกิจกรรมล่าเรดบอส นำการ์ดมาแลก ดรอบบอสอันธารัส ไบอุม ซาเคน(รออัพเดท) สุ่มใน Random Craft(รออัพเดท) เปิดจากกล่อง กาชาปองต่างๆตามโปรโมชั่น(รออัพเดท) ชุดเกราะ Protection มีแค่เสื้อกับเกง เท่านั้น มีชุดหนัก ชุดเบา ชุดคลุม Breastplate of Protection HEAVY ARMOR P. Def. : 240 Weight : 7 700 <Properties> STR +2 CON +2 Overweight limit +1500 Paralysis Resistance +25% Shock Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% Gaiters of Protection HEAVY ARMOR P. Def. : 210 Weight : 3 320 <Properties> CON +2 Overweight limit +1000 Paralysis Resistance +25% Shock Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% Cannot be: Transferred within the account Sold in an NPC store Can be: Exchanged Dropped Destroyed Sold in a private store Stored in the private warehouse Stored in the clan warehouse Leather Armor of Protection LIGHT ARMOR P. Def. : 201 Weight : 4 300 <Properties> STR +2 DEX +2 Overweight limit +1500 Paralysis Resistance +25% Shock Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% Leather Leggings of Protection LIGHT ARMOR P. Def. : 140 Weight : 1 480 <Properties> DEX +2 Overweight limit +1000 Paralysis Resistance +25% Shock Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% Tunic of Protection ROBE P. Def. : 138 Weight : 1 750 <Properties> WIT +2 MEN +2 Overweight limit +1500 Shock Resistance +25% Paralysis Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% Stockings of Protection ROBE P. Def. : 90 Weight : 850 <Properties> WIT +2 Overweight limit +1000 Shock Resistance +25% Paralysis Resistance +25% Sleep Resistance +25% Hold Resistance +25% Silence Resistance +25% Fear Resistance +25% กล่องที่เปิดได้ Sayha's Treasure Chest (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Protection Treasure Chest (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Golden Wheel's Mysterious Box (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Package: Breastplate of ProtectionSealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Ivory Tower's Magic Pack (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Dragon's Blessing Pack (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Sylph's Blessing Pack (Time-limited) ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Improved Battle Supply Box (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Aden Pack of Seals (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Sayha's Treasure Chest (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Armor of Protection Pack ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Hero's Trophy Pack (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Master's Luxury Box (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Pack of Seals (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Maphr's Fortune Box (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Einhasad's Blessing Pack (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item Red Libra's Treasure Chest (Time-limited)Sealed ExchangeAccount NG Bundle Item
  7. Pets in Lineage II Aden aren't just cute companions that follow you around on all your adventures—they're battle partners that you raise yourself and participate in combat with you against formidable opponents! To get your very own pet, you'll need to be level 76 and talk to Pet Master Lemper in Aden to receive the "Appearance of the Disappeared Pet" quest. After completing the short quest, you will need to seek out Pet Master Atingo, who roams the Plains of the Lizardmen, lurks in Dragon Valley, hangs out in the Tower of Insolence floors 1–5, or looks awkward just hanging in the Orc Barracks. Atingo will summon a random pet when his HP falls below 50%, and you'll have to defeat it in a battle after killing Atingo to obtain a Sealed (Pet Type) Necklace. The necklace is not tradeable, but don't worry, all the pets are cute and can evolve into vicious-looking guardians! Word of caution: the "Sin Eater" pet summoned by Atingo cannot be acquired, even when you defeat it. Pet Summoning Use the Pet Necklace in your inventory to summon the pet when you are out of combat. You can only have one pet out at a time (not including class servitors). Summoned pets that are 20 levels or higher than their master will be unable to fight in combat. Pet Death After a pet has died, the master will receive a debuff called Pet Death Penalty. It will reduce the satiety gauge depending on the debuff level. The pet won't lose XP after death. After a master dies in combat, the pets will be automatically unsummoned. A pet can be re-summoned again from the necklace, and the pet's HP/MP will be fully restored. Pet Types Wolf A Clawed Beast that inflicts more damage the more it attacks Special Weapon: Dual Sword/Fist Weapon Hawk A unique pet that flies through the skies boasts a magnificent appearance, dominates the enemy from a long distance, and blocks the target's refuge. Special Weapon: Bow Strider A pet with fantastic movement and attack speed. Its bite is daunting due to its fast attack speed. Roams the field using the full speed buff and attacks the enemy. Special Weapon: Ancient Sword / Sword Buffalo Tanker-type pet. Protects its allies with its solid endurance. It rams its enemies to knock them out and takes blows in place of its owner. Special Weapon: Blunt weapon/Spear Tiger A swift assassin that steals behind its enemy. It swiftly attacks its enemy from behind to inflict severe damage. Special Weapon: Dagger Kookaburra Magic type long-distance specialization pet. It plants itself firmly in the ground and bombards its enemy with magic upon switch to bombardment mode. Special Weapon: Rapier/Blunt weapon Pet Skills Attributes of evolved pets increase without a doubt, and they carry out many more roles, such as using more vital skills and buff skills. Pet Type Skill Name Skill Explanation Acquisition Condition Common Iron Skin Defense capabilities increase in proportion to the level Defense +20, M. Def. +15 per 1 level 1st Evolution Pet Textbook – Iron Skin Wolf Savage Claw Attacks enemies with its strong claws. None Leap Attack It runs towards the target then leaps. 1st Evolution Last Savage Claw It deals a last blow to the target using its claws. Condition of use: only possible when the target's stamina is below 15%. Pet Textbook – Last Savage Claw Hawk Feather Arrow Attacks the target by throwing feathers. The attacked target cannot take refuge for a set amount of time. None Fast Dive Descends towards the target. 1st Evolution Feather Tempest Installs exploding feathers on the ground. Pet Textbook – Feather Tempest Feather Explosion Blows up all feathers installed as a Feather Trap. Pet Textbook – Feather Explosion Patrol Strike Attacks by penetrating the target then returns. Pet Textbook – Patrol Strike Strider Bite Crush Attacks the target by biting forcefully. None Assault Rush Can run at full speed for a set amount of time, increasing movement and attack speed. 1st Evolution Back Explosion Roars and attacks the target. Pet Textbook – Back Explosion Buffalo Horn Pierce Attacks the target by stabbing it with its horn. None Headbutt Shock Runs toward and headbutts the target. The attacked target falls into Stun status through probability. 1st Evolution Magnetic Body Wraps itself in magnetic forces to pull in surrounding targets. Defense and M. Def. increase, but movement becomes impossible. Pet Textbook – Magnetic Body Furious Breath Provokes the target to attack. 1st Evolution Tiger Tearing Blow Goes for the target's vital points. None Flicker Attack It chases the target and attacks by jabbing its vital points from behind. 1st Evolution Natural Beast Raises its attributes by eliciting its natural predator strength. 2nd Evolution Vanish It hides its body and enters Refuge status. Skill is cleared if it attacks. Pet Textbook - Vanish Gigantic Bite Crushes the target with its strong teeth. It can only be used in Banish status. Pet Textbook – Gigantic Bite Kookaburra Magic Missile It uses a magic skill that tracks the target. None Earth Burrow It plants its body into the ground to change to bombardment status. Defense and M. Def. are increased, but it enters immobile status and turns into majority attack upon magic missile use. 1st Evolution Chain Block Restrains the target using Magic Chains to keep it from moving. Pet Textbook – Chain Block Block Swapping Switches the location of the target stuck is Chain Blocking and the Kookaburra. Pet Textbook – Block Swapping Pet Growth If you combat with the summoned pet, the pet acquires the same amount of XP it puts into combat to grow. Pets gain XP by hunting and defeating monsters with their most favorite people, you! As their owner, you obtain 100% XP from defeating monsters, while pets get bonus XP based on the damage inflicted. The first pet obtained is level 1, so most characters must grow their pets from a higher status. In this case, it is easier to raise the pet in a lower-level hunting zone. Due to the difference in levels between the character and the monster, the character may not obtain XP, but the low-level pet can grow quickly. So the character and pet can soon enter hunting zones in which they can both receive XP. Pets must be kept fed to prevent their satiety gauge from reaching 0. Once a pet's satiety gauge has reached 0, the pet will no longer fight in combat. To raise the satiety gauge, Pet Food must be given to your pet. You can acquire Pet food from the Pet Manager NPC in town. Pet Evolution Primary pet attributes increase based on level, and exclusive characteristics increase through Evolution. There is a big difference in the pet's combat attributes based on evolution status, so grow pets with Evolution as the goal. Pet appearance is upgraded upon 1st Evolution, and new skills are acquired. Name and stats are also given at random. Randomly assigned names and stats cannot be changed, so leave it up to fate that you receive the name and stats of your liking. Pets can acquire more vital skills upon 2nd Evolution, and appearance also evolves to its final form surrounded in armor. Stage Pet Level Required Item 1st Evolution 40 Pet Training Scroll – Standard 2nd Evolution 76 Pet Training Scroll - Advanced Appearance by Evolution Stage Pet Type Basic A Type B Type 1st Evolution 2nd Evolution 1st Evolution 2nd Evolution Wolf Hawk Strider Buffalo Tiger Kookaburra Pet Extraction Pet Extraction is a process that extracts life energy from a pet and transforms it into an item called a Pet XP Crystal. It can be used to grow another pet quickly. The original pet used for the extraction will completely disappear. Talk to either Pet Manager Lemper or Cooper for the extraction process. Pet extraction requires a certain amount of Adena and L2 Coins depending on the pet level. You can only extract a pet that has reached Level 50 or higher. It should also have no equipment on the pet. What's more, the pet shouldn't be summoned during the extraction process. You also cannot extract sealed pets. Depending on your pet's level, you can receive different types and quantities of Pet XP Crystals. For example, a level 81 pet extraction will yield you x515 Pet XP Crystals. Level of Pet Extracted XP Crystal Received 50~81 Pet XP Crystal (100,000,000 XP) 82~90 Greater Pet XP Crystal (2,000,000,000 XP) Pet Consumables Item Explanation Acquisition Method Pet Feed Recover 1000 in the Satiety Gauge. Pet Manager Grocery Store Pet HP Potion This item instantly recovers 80 HP for the pet upon use. Beast Soulshot S The power of a Soulshot is bestowed upon a servitor, increasing their physical attack. The number of Soulshots required is given in the servitor's info window (Used from the master's inventory.) <Use Effect> Servitor P. Atk. Bonus 100% Beast Spiritshot The power of a Spiritshot is bestowed upon a servitor, increasing their magical attack. The number of Spiritshots required is given in the servitor's info window. (Used from the master's inventory.) <Use Effect> Servitor M. Atk. Bonus 100% Servitor Heal Power increased by a little Servitor Casting Spd. Bonus +40 Pet Equipment Pets can equip items in their inventory. Pets can equip 11 types of items, but they cannot equip items that have been augmented or are time-limited. Equippable Items Weapon Gloves Earring 1 Headgear Necklace Earring 2 Chest Legs Ring 1 Feet Ring 2
  8. Power Rush Event สวมกอดไอเท็มทรงพลังเหล่านี้เพื่อเพิ่มความแข็งแกร่งของคุณในขณะที่คุณเดินทางผ่าน Lineage II และดำดิ่งสู่ความท้าทายที่ต้องเผชิญก่อนใคร! กิจกรรมง่ายๆแค่สร้างตัวละคร เผ่า SYLPH และ Death Knight เก็บเลเวลให้ 85 แล้วมารับรางวัลได้ทันที https://i.ibb.co/D1vSr6J/Shot00063.png รางวัลเมื่ออัพเดทเซิฟเวอร์หลักAden Hero HatZephyrus Sealed +10A-grade Elemental Orb Sealed+4 Circlet of Hero Pack+7 Agathion Ignis Pack+10 Dragon Belt Pack+10 Talisman of Eva Pack+10 White Sayha's Cloak 30DAYValakas' Necklace EventDragon Pendant Lv. 4Venir's Talisman Lv. 20Kit: WolfRandom Jewel Box Lv. 1-6 x5Fire Dragon Blessing Scroll x15Special Blessing Box x10A-grade Armor Couponรางวัลเมื่ออัพเดทเซิฟเวอร์หลักDeath Knight’s Cloak BMDeath Knight's Flame Sword +6+4 Circlet of Hero Pack+7 Agathion Ignis Pack+10 Dragon Belt Pack+10 Talisman of Eva Pack+10 Talisman of Eva Pack+10 White Sayha's Cloak 30dayValakas' Necklace EventDragon Pendant Lv. 4Venir's Talisman Lv. 20Kit: WolfRandom Jewel Box Lv. 1-6 x5Fire Dragon Blessing Scroll x10Special Blessing Box x10A-grade Weapon Coupon x5A-grade Armor Coupon x1
  9. ระบบที่ช่วยให้คุณได้รับคะแนนพิเศษและรับรางวัลในขณะที่คุณล่ามอนสเตอร์ในบางโซน Overview Purge is a system that lets you gain special points and get rewards while you hunt monsters in certain zones. Click the button on the side bar to open the purge interface. There you can find: purge zones as well as their progress bars; key status which shows a number of keys gathered in a certain zone as well as the amount of keys obtained/available in the current season; the current season remaining time; hunting zone rankings as well as the character's personal rank and purge points; the 'Get Reward' and 'Teleport' buttons placed in the upper right part of the interface. The former is active if your character has at least one Purge Key. When you hunt monsters in the listed zones, you gain purge points that fill your purge bar. Once the bar is full, you get one Purge Key. The bar works only when Sayha's Grace is active. It gets filled only if you kill monsters and gain XP in the following hunting zones. You cannot purge any zone if your level doesn't meet its requirements. For instance, if you've already reached Lv. 90 or higher, you cannot purge the Cruma Tower (Lv. 65~89). Once you've got Purge Key and clicked on the 'Get Reward' button, an new window appears where you can check available rewards and claim them. Purge Key can be used for getting a reward only in the zone where it has been obtained. For instance, if you've got Purge Key of the Cruma Tower, only the related reward button becomes active. You can gather up to 70 keys in each zone which has its own key counter set to 70/70. If you get one Purge Key in the Cruma Tower, the corresponding counter becomes 69/70 and the others remain unchanged. Click the button to receive one of the available rewards. It will cost you 20,000 adena and one Purge Key. You cannot get the reward in combat or if your inventory weight limit passes 80%. You can gain purge points in the following zones: Purge zone Character level Obtainable Purge Keys (per season) Prime time Cruma Tower 65~89 70 12:00~14:00 19:00~23:00 Silent Valley 70~88 70 Plains of the Lizardmen 76~93 70 Tower of Insolence 78~99 70 Dragon Valley 78~96 70 Sel Mahum Base 85~99 70 Orc Barracks 85~99 70 When you hunt during the prime time, gained purge points are doubled. There are ranking lists based on gained points for every purge zone. The lists are updated every 5 min. One purge season lasts for a week. Every new season starts on Monday at 00:00. When a new season begins, all rankings, counters and numbers of gained points and keys are reset. Also, at the start of the season, characters who have won top-5 ranks receive their rewards by mail. Rank Reward 1 5 Purge Rank Reward Packs 2 4 Purge Rank Reward Packs 3 3 Purge Rank Reward Packs 4 2 Purge Rank Reward Packs 5 1 Purge Rank Reward Packs Every purged zone lets you claim its reward pack. To learn more, see the table below. Purge Rewards You can obtain special weapons and other useful items as a reward for zone purges. Purge zone Purge Key rewards Packs Cruma Tower Excuro's Staff Torfe's Claw Recipe: Cruma Tower Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Cruma Tower Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Cruma Tower Purge Cruma Tower Purge Rank Reward Pack Silent Valley Giants' Club Ancient Rapier Recipe: Silent Valley Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Silent Valley Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Silent Valley Purge Silent Valley Purge Rank Reward Pack Plains of the Lizardmen Lizardman Shaman's Staff Lizard Slayer Recipe: Plains of the Lizardmen Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Plains of the Lizardmen Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Plains of the Lizardmen Purge Plains of the Lizardmen Purge Rank Reward Pack Tower of Insolence Guardian Messenger's Spear Sealed Angel's Hammer Recipe: Tower of Insolence Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Tower of Insolence Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Tower of Insolence Purge Tower of Insolence Purge Rank Reward Pack Dragon Valley Deadman's Dagger Dragon Bone Blade Recipe: Dragon Valley Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Dragon Valley Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Dragon Valley Purge Dragon Valley Purge Rank Reward Pack Sel Mahum Base Berserker's Sword Sel Mahum Sniper Recipe: Sel Mahum Base Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Sel Mahum Base Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Sel Mahum Base Purge Sel Mahum Base Purge Rank Reward Pack Orc Barracks Turek Orc Prefect's Dual Swords Butcher's Long Sword Recipe: Orc Barracks Purge Equipment Aden Purge Crystal High-grade Supply Box - Orc Barracks Purge Low-grade Supply Box - Orc Barracks Purge Orc Barracks Purge Rank Reward Pack As you can see, you can also obtain Aden Purge Crystals and special recipes to create purge weapons through the special craft. Giving a purge weapon to your pet additionally increases its P./M. Atk.
  10. Hellbound Overview Hellbound is a cross-server hunting zone for characters of Lv. 85 and higher. You can go to Hellbound on Saturdays from 10:00 to 22:00 (server time). When the entrance to Hellbound opens, you can see a message broadcast all over the server. Also, special NPC - Hellbound Messengers - appear in Giran and Aden, they can tell you about Hellbound and teleport you to the Ivory Tower. In the Ivory Tower, you can find a highlighted zone that teleports you to Hellbound if you step into it. The arrival point is determined by your server. Keep in mind that you cannot log out while in the Ivory Tower. You cannot teleport to Hellbound if your character's level is below 85, or outside of the specified time period. You can gather a party or a command channel in Hellbound. You can't ride a Wyvern, log out, or use teleportation scrolls to special zones while in Hellbound. Guide Once you've stepped into the Ivory Tower teleport, you are transferred to the Ivory Tower Camp - a peaceful zone in Hellbound. There you can find NPC that can inform you about the current situation in Hellbound and about the access time. Also, there are Supply Manager Mastie and Grand Magister Creanir. Mastie sells minerals and other useful goods while Creanir can teleport you back to your server or tell you about Talisman of Hellbound as well as the Hellbound areas. Hellbound consists of the following areas: Area Type Attribute Teleportation fee Ivory Tower Camp Peaceful Zone - - Beleth's Magic Circle General Field Wind (except the area bosses) 200,000 adena Satina's Laboratory General Field Earth (except the area bosses) 150,000 adena Otherworldly Tower (west) General Field Fire (except the area bosses) 200,000 adena Otherworldly Tower (east) General Field Water (except the area bosses) 200,000 adena You can get to the areas through the Warp Gate in the Ivory Tower Camp. Once the access time expires, the Beleth's Curse debuff becomes active in Beleth's Magic Circle, Satina's Laboratory and the Otherworldly Tower, so be careful. (Lv.) Name Description (Lv. 1) Beleth's Curse A powerful curse cast by Beleth. Temporary effect. Atk. Spd. -50% Casting Spd. -50% Constantly drains HP. Basic attacks can't be used. Skills can't be used. Characters who are affected by the area debuff take a lot of damage. You cannot teleport to Hellbound when Beleth's Curse is active. The warning message appears 1 h., 30 min., 5 min. and 2 min. before the access time expires. Beleth's Magic Circle and Satina's Laboratory You can obtain various rewards for killing monsters roaming Beleth's Magic Circle and Satina's Laboratory. Hunting zone Monsters Rewards Beleth's Magic Circle Twilight Witch Twilight Warrior Items to fill the random craft bar Demonic Wizard Demonic Warrior Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Adena Pouch (only from Demonic Warriors) Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Satina's Laboratory Old Vampire Hunting Vampire Items to fill the random craft bar Bloody Vampire Rueful Vampire Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Adena Pouch (only from Rueful Vampires) Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Bosses At a certain time, you can fight Mutant Deiman and Vampire Queen Satina there. Boss Area Level Respawn (server time) Rewards Mutant Deiman Beleth's Magic Circle 85 Saturday 11:00 ~ 12:00 20:00 ~ 21:00 A-grade weapon A-grade armor A-grade accessories Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Boss' Weapon Pack Vampire Queen Satina Satina's Laboratory 85 Saturday 11:00 ~ 12:00 20:00 ~ 21:00 A-grade weapon A-grade armor A-grade accessories Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Boss Doll Box Lv. 2 As soon as Deiman and Satina respawn, you will see a special system message. When you target them, their HP is not displayed. In combat, Deiman uses melee and ranged attacks as well as Stun, Fear and Hold debuffs. Satina uses magic attacks and inflicts Silence, Paralysis and Sleep on enemies. Otherworldly Tower The Otherworldly Tower consists of four areas and is divided into the eastern and western parts, each of them contains two areas. If you kill a certain number of the area monsters, the location phase is switched. There are 5 phases in total, from 0 to 4. Each phase has its own monster counter. The area phase determines the type of spawning monsters. Phase Otherworldly Tower (east) Otherworldly Tower (west) Lv. 0 Common monsters: Steel Warrior Steel Worker Common monsters: Zamad Vegskytt Lv. 1 Common monsters: Steel Warrior Steel Worker Number increased Common monsters: Zamad Vegskytt Number increased Lv. 2 Common monsters: Steel Warrior Steel Worker Titled monster: Steel Stalker Common monsters: Zamad Vegskytt Titled monster: Shisuck Lv. 3 Common monsters: Steel Warrior Steel Worker Titled monsters: Steel Stalker Steel Swordsman Common monsters: Zamad Vegskytt Titled monsters: Shisuck Drayzak Lv. 4 Titled monsters: Steel Stalker Steel Swordsman Special monster: Beleth' Eye Titled monsters: Shisuck Drayzak Special monster: Beleth' Eye Also, there is a unique monster known as Otherworldly Shard who notifies players of the phase switching. If you kill it, the phase level is decreased. You can obtain various rewards for killing monsters invading the Otherworldly Tower. Hunting zone Monsters Rewards Otherworldly Tower (east) Steel Warrior Items to fill the random craft bar Steel Worker Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Steel Stalker Steel Swordsman Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Adena Pouch Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Otherworldly Tower (west) Zamad Items to fill the random craft bar Vegskytt Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Shisuck Drayzak Items to fill the random craft bar Hellbound Energy Adena Pouch Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring After defeating Beleth' Eye, you gain a lot of XP, also there is a low chance to obtain Hellbound Energy. Bosses Bosses Ryuminir and Aizen Kelsour appear in the tower areas from time to time. Boss Area Level Respawn (server time) Rewards Ryuminir Otherworldly Tower (east) 85 Saturday 20:30 A-grade weapon A-grade armor A-grade accessories Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Talisman of Hellbound Pack Aizen Kelsour Otherworldly Tower (west) 85 Saturday 20:30 A-grade weapon A-grade armor A-grade accessories Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Hellbound Ring Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories Improved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories Rare Accessory Pack Ryuminir who rules the eastern part of the Otherworldly Tower appears only in the north-eastern and south-eastern areas, while Aizen Kelsour who controls the west of the Otherworldly Tower respawns in the two other areas.
  11. Collections Overview Collections are sets of items that provide the character with different buffs when you collect them all. Сollections are available to characters starting from Lv. 1. The contents and the effects of collections are shared among all the characters of an account, but not across servers. Collections include various items: weapons, armor, accessories and others. The maximum amount of items in a collection is 6. It is possible to replace one item with another in some collections. To replace an item, press the button below it. To open the Collections window, click the corresponding button in the menu or in the character's inventory. Collections are split into different categories. These are shown as items showcased in your Collections screen (e.g., armor, sword) and buttons (e.g., Attack, Defense) at the screen's bottom. Click on either of them to open the selected category. Be careful, when you open the Collections screen, all other windows will be hidden. There are 8 collection categories: Attack, Defense, Support, Special, Stats, Utility, Event and Favorites. When you hover your cursor over a category, you will see the percentage of completed collections within that category. You can add any collection to Favorites. When you open a category, the favorited collections will always be at the top. When you open a collection category, the following will be shown: All the available collections and their effects; Collections that are in the process of being completed; All the completed collections and their effects. You can also use the search option to find the item you are looking for. Whenever you obtain an item that can be added to a collection, a special notification appears. Items that can be added to a collection have a special designation in their tooltip and description. The following types of items cannot be added to a collection: Augmented items; Enchanted items, unless otherwise specified; Items with inserted Soul Crystals; The majority of sealed items that can be unsealed by blacksmiths. These items can only be added to a collection if it is specifically stated that the collection item needs to be sealed. Items that can't be unsealed by blacksmiths (marked with the (Sealed) tag), can be added to a collection. For example, Sealed Doom Gloves cannot be added to a collection, while Doom Gloves - Robe (Sealed) can; Items with changed appearance; Equipped items. To add an item to a collection, select it with the left mouse button and then click the Collections button in the inventory. The Collections window will open, showing all the collections the item can be added to. Whenever an item is added to a collection, it is removed from the inventory. After an item has been added to a collection, it's impossible to take it out. The effect of a completed collection is applied immediately. All of the applied effects are listed in the Collections screen. Once a collection is complete, a ribbon will appear on its Details button. A box icon will also light up, if completing a collection is additionally rewarded. Collection buffs can be permanent and temporary. Permanent buffs are always active. Temporary buffs deactivate after a certain time. Open the Collections screen to see how long the effect will be active for. Some collections can only be completed in a specified time window, hover over the collection with you cursor to see the dates. Available buffs Collections provide the following buffs: Attack Defense Support Special Stats Utility P. Atk. P. Def. Max HP Paralysis Resistance CON Weight Limit M. Atk. M. Def. Max MP Hold Resistance MEN Inventory Slots P. Skill Critical Damage Received P. Skill Critical Damage Decrease Max CP Sleep Resistance STR Warehouse Slots M. Skill Critical Damage Received M. Skill Critical Damage Decrease HP Recovery Rate Pull Resistance INT Store Slots Skill Critical Damage Received Skill Critical Damage Decrease MP Recovery Rate Mental Resistance DEX Acquired XP/SP Skill Power Damage Decrease CP Recovery Rate Stun Resistance WIT Magic Lamp Charging Rate P. Skill Critical Rate Received P. Skill Critical Rate Decrease Casting Spd. Item Loss Rate Decrease M. Skill Critical Rate Received M. Skill Critical Rate Decrease Atk. Spd. Death XP Penalty Decrease Soulshot Damage Received Skill Critical Rate Decrease Speed Lost Item Recovery Cost Decrease Spiritshot Damage Resistance to All Weapons Received Healing Buff Slots Cooldown Decrease Sayha's Grace Refill Increase Skill MP Consumption Decrease Sayha's Grace Consumption Decrease
  12. Ultimate Death Knight guide by Doomer Lineage 2 Essence EU BLUE Table of contents 1. General information2. Skills2.1 Physical skills2.2 Reinforcement skills2.3 Weaken skills2.4 Transform skills2.5 Special skills2.6 Passives3. Equipment3.1 Weapon3.2 Armor3.3 Jewelery (Rings/earrings/necklace)3.4 Special (Dyes, Hat, Belt, Cloak, Talismans, Agathions, Jewels etc.)4. Leveling 1. General information Death knight is the newest class addition to Lineage II Essence. It is a melee fighter class, that utilizes ignoring enemy defense on his physical damage skills, having good utility and crowd control skills while being relatively tanky and being able to dish out huge area of effect damage bursts in late game situations. Very reliant on high level spell books, that are quite hard or expensive to acquire. This class uses 1h sword + sigil and light and/or heavy armor.RacesHuman – Most universal DK. Has good all-around stats, a little bit more HP than the other death knights. Beginner friendly.Dark elf – Has the highest damage out of all 3 races. Excels at 1v1 due to dark elf having hex and power break debuffs. Has the biggest damaging AOE ability out of all 3 races - Lightning storm. A little bit squishier than the other races. Recommended for advanced players.Elf – Fastest and most fit to be the tank version of DK. Elf’s AOE ability Frozen field freezes the enemies in place for several seconds after it lands, making it the best DK for massive pvp battles (10v10+, castle sieges, etc.). Recommended for playing in big pvp clans/alliances. 2. Skills In this part I will go through what our skills REALLY do and how and why they can be used in various different scenarios. 2.1 Physical skills Low cooldown, low mana cost. This is your bread and butter, your go-to spam skill. Has a little ‘hidden’ passive that comes from your passive called “Undying will”. It gives 15% chance for punishment to do extra (+50%~) damage. This is THE skill to have turned on toggle when auto AFK farming. A little bit stronger than punishment, however with 10 sec cooldown. Works very well in a solo target burst rotation (Punishment -> Wipeout -> Punishment). Can have it toggled on when auto AFK farming, however it’s not needed and sometimes not efficient. When the loop rotations comes to wipeout and your wipeout is on cooldown your character will make a basic attack instead. Has a little bit higher range than Punishment and Wipeout. Lower damage than your 2 other skills and higher mana cost makes it inefficient for PVE, therefore not recommended in AFK farming . One more good thing about fists of fury is that this skill sometimes regenerates 2 extra DP so it can be used in situations where you have enough mana to spend and need to recover your DP more quickly. For example - when you’re filling your DP bar before an Olympiad fight. For the most part this is your ‘filler’ skill in PVP that you fill the gaps between your punishments when wipeout is on cooldown: Punishment -> Wipeout -> Punishment -> Fists of fury -> Punishment -> Fists of fury -> Punishment etc. Another advanced trick in PVP regarding fists of fury – when you’re trying to damage an enemy that is constantly running away from you, it is very good to use such a rotation: Deadly Pull -> Punishment -> Fists of fury and repeat until the target is dead. This is only possible because of the longer range that fists of fury offers. Very important skill in DK's arsenal as it is one of the two AOE skills the class has to offer. Good damage and a VERY strong debuff that decreases opponent's physical AND magical defense by 40%. Very good in both PVP and PVE AOE farming . Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. Lv. 75 and 80 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% 2. Random craft 3. Buying from people Human death knight ONLY The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Human DK has to offer. Damage scales directly from P. Atk. This is where your AOE burst damage comes from. It does 2 BIG damage ticks and applies a burning damage over time effect (the DOT effect damage is quite low). Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance 2. Baium, 3%~ chance 3. Random craft 4. Buying from people Dark elf death knight ONLY The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Dark elf DK has to offer. Damage scales directly from P. Atk. This is where your AOE burst damage comes from. It does 3 BIG damage ticks and has the biggest AOE damage overall when compared to Burning field or Frozen field. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance 2. Baium, 3%~ chance 3. Random craft 4. Buying from people Elf death knight ONLY The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Elf DK has to offer. It is actually very different from the other races, since this one FREEZES all opponents caught in this skills effect. It is one of the best skills in the whole game in massive PVP battles, since you can CC big groups of people at the same time. It comes with a price of course and deals significantly less damage than Burning field or Lightning storm. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance 2. Baium, 3%~ chance 3. Random craft 4. Buying from people 2.2 Reinforcement skills Will only mention DK class specific buffs. One of the main reasons DKs can be quite tanky, increases the HP and CP pool by A LOT at higher levels. Summons a shield in front of the character that absorbs all projectiles and spells coming from the frontal direction ONLY. This is a VERY strong defensive buff against archers and mages (it absorbs divine beam too) as long as you're facing towards them and are not in melee range. Death guard level 2 also reduces ALL damage taken by 10% for the duration of the buff. It means it is also viable against melee damage dealers. Especially good skill in PVP, but can work quite well in some scenarios of PVE too. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. Lv. 65 Group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% 2. Lv. 80 Solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5% 3. Buying from people Chance (high) to fear enemies for a few seconds when they hit you. Very useful buff in PVP, most of the time just activate it before the fight starts, since it lasts for 1 minute and it should be enough for the whole fight. Can be used in PVE as well in situations when you pull more monsters on you than you could normally handle. Simple 5 minute duration buff that increases the offensive stats by quite a bit. Short (30sec) buff that increases the attack speed by 100%. Very good in PVP and a little bit less, but still useful in PVE. Mostly used before acquiring Ultimate DK transformation. Human death knight ONLY Chance on hit to put a damage (low) over time effect and reduce the target's P./M. defense by around 15-20% for 3 seconds. Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks. Dark elf death knight ONLY Chance on hit to paralyze the enemy. Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks. Elf death knight ONLY Has a chance on hit to slow opponent's Atk. Spd, Cst. Spd and Speed. Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks. 2.3 Weaken skills A strong CC ability, that puts the target in a bone cage for 5 seconds (10 seconds if you are an Elf DK). Can be used to setup your burst very well. Can be used defensively on your allies as well, however it is quite hard to pull off successfully. The caged target is immune to all damage for the duration of the cage. Can be cleansed. Good trick in 1v1 PVP - Damage your opponent with your single target skills to take away his CP -> Bone cage -> Come close to the target and once the cage ends use Hellfire + your other AOE skill to finish the opponent. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. Lv. 70 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% 2. Lv. 80 solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5% 3. Buying from people Solo target debuff ability. Recommended only in 1v1 combat or small skirmishes. Especially good vs dagger classes. AOE debuff (around your character). Very similar to Hierophant's block windwalk skill. Mostly PVP skill, good in massive and small numbers PVP. Can be efficiently used to chase targets. For example Deadly pull -> Deadly Ligament Rupture -> Deadly pull -> Damaging abilities. Can be used in PVE to aggro monsters around you before you get ready to AOE. 2.4 Transform skills This transformation alone makes the character 50%~ stronger. It is THE skill to have as a DK, however it is VERY hard to obtain. Increases offensive stats by a big margin, gives speed and decreases the received healing penalty. It is highly recommended to go full STR build after your obtain the Ultimate DK transformation, since it boosts your p.atk by 40%. After you have the transform and go full STR, your race-specific AOE damaging ability (Burning field, Lightning storm, Frozen field) becomes VERY strong. Late-game DK with transform, full STR build and good equipment can alone kill groups of people with just Hellfire + Burning field / Lightning storm combination. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. Baium, 0.5% - 1% chance 2. Avatar of Antharas, ~2% chance 3. Antharas, ~20% chance 4. Random craft 5. Buying from people 2.5 Special skills One of the most useful skills in PVP that DK has to offer. Good in solo/small skirmish PVP to chase down targets but it EXCELS in big group, clans or alliances PVP battles. Whenever someone gets too close (700 range is actually quite far), pull them and they will, most of the time, instantly die from your allies' focus fire. After you kill an enemy in PVP, you are able to use Soul Steal skill on their corpse. It does give you a small buff, however it only lasts 10 seconds. My personal thoughts are that the skill is bugged and the received buff should last way longer than it currently does, especially when in the skill description it says it can stack up to 4 times. Lasting 10 seconds while having 10 minute cooldown does not add up. Currently it is a useless skill and does not deserve a slot on the shortcut bar. Death knight class suffers heavily from not having enough DP. Once you have this skill, the class becomes A LOT better at both PVP and PVE. The spellbook is quite hard to obtain tho. For PVP - this means you can use your hellfire + Burning field / Lightning storm / Frozen field whenever you see fit instead of having to save it. Especially important in big PVP fights (epic bosses, castle sieges). For PVE - this enables us to actively AOE farm with our double AOE skill combo. Instead of being able to AOE once every 5-10 minutes, we can do it every minute. Increases exp gains by a tremendous amount. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. LV. 80 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance 2. Buying from people 2.6 Passive skills In this part I will briefly go through DK class specific passives. When your character takes lethal damage, instead of dying your HP/CP/MP gets set to 1 and you become immune to any kind of damage for 3 seconds (you can still be crowd controlled by skills like Bone cage, sleep etc.). After the immunity ends and IF you have more than 300 DP, your HP is restored to full, however if you are CC'ed, your HP does not restore. If you don't have 300 DP, nothing happens after the 3 second immunity ends. - Keep in mind, once this passive is triggered you are immortal for a few seconds BUT your mana is set to 1 and you can't use any skills for a few seconds until you get some mana back. - If you see you are losing the PVP fight and you know your passive is about to get triggered, what you can do is open your teleport menu and teleport to town safely while you have the damage immunity for 3 seconds (can avoid dying and/or save a BSOE). Very important passive. Holy attacks do more damage to DKs, meaning we have a hard time against holy attacks based characters, especially when they have Divine beam. On the other hand, drain attacks have worse effect, this passive is the reason why classes that rely on drain like Dominator are not a big threat to Death knights. Reduced received healing part is something we have to deal with until we get our hands on Ultimate Death Knight Transformation, which reduces the penalty. This passive also sometimes (15%/20%) increases the attack power of your 2 spammable single target damage abilities - Punishment and Fists of fury. Some extra racial bonuses as well, but they are quite insignificant. This passive is very interesting and a lot of Death Knights don't use it at all. It is a free 10% P. Atk and 100 Atk. speed buff when you are in chaotic state (when you have Karma). It does not mean you need to kill everyone around you, a neat trick is to make a low level box character on another window of Lineage 2 and just kill that when you need this buff, or ask your friends or clan members to do that for you. This passive could be good at: 1. Olympiad games 2. Raid bosses 3. Small scale PVP Can be used at large scale PVP, however proceed at your own risk, since you will always be a target of mass chain pull that tanks have when you are in chaotic state, since it only targets flagged or chaotic state characters. !IMPORTANT! Currently when a DK is in chaotic state, the AOE abilities DO NOT do damage nor inflict debuffs to flagged targets. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT not to be in a chaotic state during any kind of PVP. At the moment it is only good to use it if you're killing raid bosses and don't expect any kind of PVP. I'm not sure if it is a bug or it is meant to be that way. Death points (DPs) are an additional resource that Death knight class uses. DPs are used for some of our skills - a few buffs and our AOE damaging abilities. There is no passive DP regeneration, this means there are only a few ways to restore DPs: 1. Hitting any target (monsters, NPCs in town, other players) 2. Using Fists of Fury, since it sometimes restores 2 extra DP 3. Devour (requires a rare Spellbook) One of the crucial pieces to fixing your mana problems. Requires a spellbook (and adena 10mil/30mil for lvl2/3) for EACH level. Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways: 1. Lv. 65 and 70 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% 2. Lv. 70 and 75 solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5% 3. Buying from people 3. Equipment You can check the stats of all weapons and armors in the Exchange coupons section of the Game Assistant! 3.1 Weapons Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)Do not worry about your weapon too much since none of your skills scale with P. Atk. except the late game AOE skill (Burning field / Lightning storm / Frozen field). The only thing that improves your damage from the weapon is the Soulshot Damage +%. Aden weapon +4 will be enough until you can get your hands on a Samurai Longsword (top C 1h sword). Once you have that, you may as well stick with it for a long time, since C grade still requires only 1 soulshot per attack and it is better to invest into other things first rather then weapon.Late game (80+)Sirra's blade (or Zaken's sword if can afford it) is the sword you aim for your late game character development. Once you have it, you want to make it +5 as soon as possible since it has Soulshot Damage +7%, after that, start working on your Soul crystals. Enchanting A grade weapons more than +5 is not recommended early, because the chance is VERY low.Soul crystalsSamurai Longsword - This is your PVE farming weapon, try to put a low level Aeore soul crystal as soon as you can, it is cheap and will help you with the mana problems.Sirra's blade / Zaken's sword - we have a few options regarding SCs and I will shortly go through them:Tyrr's Haste (Atk. Spd. +%) - Viable option, however I think other soul crystals are simply better. Before transform you want to keep your attack speed below 850 since then you can auto loop with just punishment on and there wont be any auto-attacks in between. After transform we have enough attack speed as it is.Sigel's HP (Max HP +%) - Very good option for PVP. Scales well and gives a lot of HP. Even better now that Boots of evasion got introduced into the game, once you have them and make them +5, you get P./M. def depending on your max HP (at 20k hp you get around 200 P./M. def). Highly recommended for PVP focused players.Othell's Focus (P. Critical rate +) - Good all around option for both PVE and PVP. Highly recommended to use once you have Ultimate DK transformation, since the transform boosts our critical damage by a lot and you want to crit more often.Yul's Critical damage (P. Critical damage +) - Another good option for both PVE and PVP. Big damage comes from critical hits and this make them hit even harder.Lilith's Soul crystal - Rare and expensive. Comes as your 3rd soul crystal. Hp recovery rate +, P. Atk +%, restores HP after a regular attack.3.2 Armor Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)Once you feel the need to upgrade your Moon armor set you have a few options.1. Get full plate set, it is better to find people selling it rather than buying it from the shop (better buy L1000 or L8000, sell them for adena and then buy C grade equipment).2. If you have a little bit more funds to spare, I suggest skipping C grade and going straight for B grade. At this point in the game all you want is mana regeneration so you can EXP faster.RECOMMENDED2 items BW light - MEN+3, INT-2, MP Recovery Bonus +5.26%2 items Doom light - DEX+1, MP Recovery Bonus +5.26%, P. Atk. + 2.7%Late game (80+)When you start thinking about A grade armor, you can start replacing your B grade items 1 by 1, since A grade items DO NOT have set bonuses. We have multiple options here.HelmetTallum Helmet (Light) - Good starter helmet for PVE, cheap and has good mana regeneration (MEN+1, +8% MP Recovery rate).Helm of Nightmare (Heavy) - Good choice for PVP, since it has a passive that reflects 5% of received damage.Dark Crystal Helmet (Robe) - Good for both PVE and PVP against physical damage dealers (MEN+1, +5.5% MP Recovery rate, +8% P. Def.)Tallum Helmet (Robe) - Good for PVP against mages (MEN+1, +5.5% MP Recovery rate, +8% M. Def.)Helmet of mana (EPIC) - Best in slot item. Very expensive, but it is best for both PVE and PVP.GlovesTallum Gloves (HEAVY) - Decent starter gloves for PVE, cheap.Gloves of Nightmare (Light) - Best in slot for PVE. Absorbs 2% of inflicted damage as HP (vampiric rage).Gloves of Silence (EPIC) - Best in slot for PVP. Passive chance to silence enemy on hit. This proc will win you some fights.BootsTallum Boots (Heavy) - Decent starter boots for PVE, cheap.Boots of Nightmare (Light) - A very good choice for PVE. Absorbs 2% of inflicted damage as HP (vampiric rage).Majestic Boots (Heavy) - Good all-around choice for both PVP and PVE. 7 speed is the highest you can get from all A grade boots (except Boots of Evasion) and 50 Atk. speed comes in handy as well.Boots of Evasion (EPIC) - Best in slot item. Very expensive, but it is best for both PVE and PVP.Body armorTallum Plate Armor (Heavy) - Decent starter armor for PVE, cheap.Armor of Nightmare (Heavy) - Good choice if you need sleep/hold resistance in PVP.Majestic Plate Armor (Heavy) - Good choice if you need stun resistance in PVP.Ice Crystal Breastplate (EPIC)Ice Crystal Gaiters (EPIC)Leather Armor of Lightning (EPIC)Leather Leggings of Lightning (EPIC)Choosing the epic Body armor pieces really come down to preference. We are a class that has both Heavy and Light armor masteries mixed in one, meaning we can mix light/heavy items and not lose out on the mastery bonus (we can use Lightning top and Ice crystal bottom for example).Lightning set is a little bit better for PVE. Slightly less defense, but a little bit more offensive stats. Once enchanted to +5, the items reduce mana consumption.Meanwhile Ice Crystal set gives more survivability and, in general, is a bit better for PVP. Once enchanted to +5, the items give extra HP/MP.3.3 Jewelery Currently everyone has access to Valakas' Necklace (event). You can get it in-game from the L2 store by claiming the "Newbie Gift" which is free and can only be claimed once per account. This is a very good necklace and should be used by everyone. Therefore I will skip talking about necklaces in this part of the guide. Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)Once you feel the need to upgrade from the free jewelery, I would recommend going for top B (Black ore) or low A (Phoenix) jewelery pieces. These are quite cheap and very cost efficient. Enchanting Black ore to +4 is not expensive as well so that should be done as soon as possible. Phoenix pieces will require a bit more investment, since A grade enchants are a bit more expensive. Phoenix jewelery items can be unsealed for some extra M. Def. and MP, it requires 1 Cloth piece per item to be unsealed (unsealing is not necessary).Late game (80+)You have a little bit more options here.First of all, if you are struggling in PVP against mages and want to simply boost your M. Def. as high as possible, I would recommend getting 2 Majestic rings and 2 Majestic earrings, unsealing them and enchanting to +4.Secondly, you have an option to get 1 Ring of Insolence and 1 Dragon Valley earring. The effects on these jewelery pieces do not stack, so it is recommended to only use 1 of each.The Ring of Insolence and DV earring are only really good once you enchant them to +5 and +7 marks. It is not recommended to use these before having them enchanted to +5. Majority of people stick around for a while with the +5 version of these items, since making them to +7 is quite hard and/or expensive.EPICSOnce you have all other gear and start to think about investing into Epics, you usually know what you want/need. Generally speaking - all epics are good, but they are worth to invest only if you can make/buy them level 2 or 3.At level 2, all EPIC jewelery become Best in slot items.Zaken - very good for PVE because of the vampiric rage effect. Crucial to solo grind end game spots like TOI 6 or higher, Orc barracks, LOA.Orfen - decent for PVE if you have mana problems.AQ/Baium - Increases our offensive stats.3.4 Special DyesBefore 3rd profession change+12 MEN - 15 INT dyes. They will help a lot with your mana problems.After 3rd profession change but before Ultimate DK transformationI would strongly recommend having +12 MEN - 12 INT. With these dyes you should be able to reach 45 MEN bonus, that gives +200 M. Def. and they will help a lot with your mana problems.After Ultimate DK transformationThis is the moment when you go full STR on your character and try to reach 70 STR bonus that gives P. Skill critical damage +200. +12 STR from dyes is a must to achieve this bonus.Recommended dyes are +12STR -6DEX (or +12STR - 12DEX if you don't have access to the good dyes).If you plan to reach 50 DEX together with 70 STR (which is very hard, but possible to achieve), then you should consider going -CON instead of -DEX.HatsEarly - Look for a cheap hat with MEN and/or Experience bonuses.Late - as much STR as possible.CloakDepending on what is available on the server at the time. Currently, what you want, is Cloak of Protection and try to enchant it to +7. From +7 you start getting critical damage bonus and that's what you want as a DK.BeltDragon belt +5 is mandatory. The most important Special item to have for sure. The +80 extra HP recovered from potions is huge. Our class doesn't have any potion mastery, so having Dragon belt +5 makes your HP potions heal 130 instead of 50.SigilEarly - Any sigil with MEN or as much MP as possible (more mana means more mana restoration from Drain Magic Energy passive).Late - Majestic Sigil +5 with STR and/or MAX HP increase.PendantDepending on what is available on the server at the time. Currently, the minimum that you want when looking to invest into Pendant is Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 2. Received damage -10% is HUGE.Brooch jewelsChoose what you you need depending on how many slots you got available in your Brooch. My personal priority list:PVE priority1. Moonstone (Experience +%)2. Onyx (Soulshot damage +%)3. Spinel (P. Def, M. Def, stats)4. Zircon (Critical damage +%)5. Coral (Atk. speed)6. Opal (Resistance to stun/pull/silence/paralysis/fear +%)PVP priority1. Onyx (Soulshot damage +%)2. Opal (Resistance to stun/pull/silence/paralysis/fear +%)3. Spinel (P. Def, M. Def, stats)4. Zircon (Critical damage +%)5. Amber (Chance to interrupt and do fixed amount of damage)6. Coral (Atk. speed)TalismansAll talismans are really good (well maybe except speed unless it's +8 or higher). My personal priority list:PVE1. Aden - Can't pass on extra experience gains.2. Eva - Helps with mana problems due to MAX MP increase and decreased MP consumption on skils.Anything after that, depending which talismans you have and how many talisman slots you have in your Talisman Bracelet.PVP1. Authority - As high as possible, this talisman is THE best talisman in the game once enchanted high enough.2. Baium - Very hard to get, but is really good as well for offensive stats.3. Eva - M. Def and -Received critical dmg %.4. Aden - Slight gains to P. Atk., P./M. Def, HP/MP.5. Venrir - Slight STATS gains.6. Speed - If you have an open slot in your talisman bracelet.AgathionsThere are 5 different agathions in Essence.If you have access to them and have Agathion bracelet Lv. 5 you can have all of them equipped.Below +5 all agathions only give a very small bonus to M. Def.At +5 and higher they give extra bonuses which are very good.These are the bonuses of agathions +5 or higherIgnis - P./M. Atk. +%Nebula - All critical rate +%Procella - Atk. spd. / Casting Spd. +Petram - P./M. Def. +%Joy - Acquired XP/SP +%, max HP/MP/CP +% 4. Leveling I will go through the best leveling spots at certain levels. To maximize your experience gains, you want to level at places where the monsters respawn quickly and the distance between the monsters is small.Keep in mind higher level zones and monsters does not mean more experience per hour. Some of the zones might have too many people and it makes it not worth to stay there!Lv. 1-45Once you create your character you have to follow the single quest line that starts at the newbie guide. It will take you through multiple early game zones, provide you with starter gear and teach you some of the basic mechanics that are in Lineage 2 essence.At Lv. 40You can start doing Transcendent Instance Zone. It is a 10 minute instance that provides very good experience and is possible to enter once per day. Strongly recommended to use all available +EXP consumables while doing this instance.Lv. 45-60CemetaryFields of massacrePlains of GloryLv. 60-76The patriot's necropolis - This is THE BEST spot at these levels regarding both experience and adena gains. However, it can be contested quite often. Not recommended to leave the character AFK farming for long periods of time .Cruma tower Lv. 3Devil's IsleLv. 76-80Necropolis of DevotionDevil's IsleCruma tower Lv. 2Lv. 80+Once you reach this stage you should test late game zones yourself, the most efficient zones will be different depending on how strong your character is.Recommended zones for DKs:Necropolis of Devotion (until Lv. 82)Cruma tower Lv. 2 (until Lv. 82)Tower of InsolenceDV tunnel (narrow tunnel in north-northwest part of DV that has very good monster density)North lizardmen spot (density is better than in the big South lizardmen zone, however this spot is more contested)Late game AOE levelingOur class is one of the few classes in game that can solo farm INSANELY well once you have all your late game components ready.Requirements:DevourUltimate Death Knight transformationPreferably Lv. 85Epic jewelery items helps A LOTRecommended zones for AOE:Primavel GardenTower of Insolence 6 (can do in lower floors as well)Orc barracksHeavenly rift (requires a Heavenly rift ticket to enter that can be acquired from Unidentified rocks that drop in TOI or bought from people)Lair of AntharasHopefully the guide helped and one day you too will become a shiny, fiery skeleton warrior!
  13. Looking for a strong class in both PvE and PvP? Then check out one of the Death Knight guides! ...Nah I'm just messing around a little bit. Duelist is the most versatile class of the game, and it's a hell lot of fun to play. Between his ridiculous mobility and dps, the Duelist is also gifted with many steroids, utility skills, and much more to make himself useful in any situation. Without further ado, let's dive into it! ♣ Presentation of the Duelist As a Duelist, your goal is to make the best possible use out of your skillset. Each situation calls for a different approach, and you have all the necessary tools to turn any fight to your advantage if you use them properly. Like most melee damage dealers, you're gonna be vulnerable when going after your target, and your enemies will make sure that mistakes don't remain unpunished. Don't let that happen! Your burst damage comes from your melee skills, but whenever you feel like going too close isn't the best option, you can always take a step back and play as a physical ranged mage with your utility skills: debuffs, aoe spells, stun, paralyze, you can do it all safely from the backline when necessary!Your kit is pretty substantial. There are a lot of skills available for this class, but do not worry as we will cover them in detail throughout this guide, as most of them are very situational. The main component of your kit, is the Momentum. This is a mechanic specific to Duelists and Grand Khavatari that not only allows you to deal more damage once you charge it up, but will also be required to use your most powerful abilities! Even when you think you have it all figured out, you will notice there is always room for improvement to perfect your combos while maintaining a good Momentum charge, and burst your enemies before they have a chance to call for backup. Make sure you feel comfortable enough with your skillbar layout so that it fits your playstyle and enables you to react quickly. As an example, here is what mine looks like:♣ How to level up a Gladiator in Essence There are plenty of great leveling guides out there so make sure to check them out, but let's talk about some specifics that Gladiators should be aware of... If you're coming from Classic or older chronicles of Lineage II, you might remember that having a high amount of HP is always welcome in PvE in order to be able to survive a few minions with the support and heals from your teammates. Here is quite different. For the most part, you're going to be leveling on your own. But do not worry as Lineage Essence also introduced Instant HP Potions, so make sure to always refill those babies before going out in the wilderness of Elmoreden! On top of those HP potions, you can upgrade your Potion Mastery skill in order to get up to 30% bonus HP from these potions. Some items like Dragon Belt will allow you to get even more HP back once you enchant them enough. Why am I talking about those pretty obvious items you might wonder... Well that's because PvE (and to some extent PvP as well) is about your ability to sustain damage. When you are leveling a gladiator, you don't care about max HP, you care about killing as fast and as efficiently as possible, while being able to heal back the damage you're receiving. Dyes STR+12/CON-12 is the first thing you want to grab for your character to speed up your leveling, and it's pretty cheap as well! Try to prioritize melee-favorable areas when possible, such as Necropolis, Cruma Tower, Tower of Insolence, etc. Avoid places like Silent Valley or War Thorn that will make you run more than you hit depending on how crowded they are. Because of his high dps and debuff, the Gladiator is also able to efficiently farm tougher areas like Dragon Valley or TOI 4 earlier than other classes would, so don't hesitate moving there once you're ready. Your main PvE skill is (Amazing) Rising Attack. On top of being your highest PvE damage skill, it also applies a -30% P.Def debuff on the target which is very handy. If your mana regeneration capabilities allow it, you might be able to toggle Triple Sonic Slash as well, and a Dash to move quicker in-between the mobs. All your skills do Over-Hit! Some classes are not that lucky, so do your best to last hit mobs with one of them for a sweet XP bonus. Once you reach a high enough level, you will be able to experiment a little bit with the Duelist's aoe capabilities. Even though your character doesn't have any way to provoke nearby minions, you can use your Sonic Buster and Sonic Storm to farm in areas swarmed by aggressive and social monsters such as Orc Barracks or TOI 6 and fully exploit the PVE potential of the Duelist. If your mana is lowering too quickly while looping, be aware that you can delay your skills by dragging extra Attack actions to your skillbar. Each toggle is being processed independently by the game, meaning that the more "attacks" you add to your skillbar, the longer your character will delay the toggled skills thus allowing you to replenish your mana and keep on applying Rising Attack on each mob at least once. ♣ Gear and itemisation routes When we're gearing up a character, whether it's a Duelist or any other class, the most important thing is to remain organised and focused on the items that will benefit us the most relatively to their value. We will talk about which items are essential for our class, but I will first explain the concept of hardcaps in MMO's. The hardcap is the stage where an item stops being worth the investment. When an item becomes so hard to upgrade compared to the bonuses you get in return, then you should start investing your adena into different items that will give you more power for a better value. Try to reach hardcaps on all your items before pushing further, as it can easily bankrupt you and slow down your progress. So take your time, and be patient. Gearing up is a marathon! Keep in mind that your high damage comes from the huge power of your skills, and you want to increase it as much as you can. Charging Momentum will give up to +30% base skill power increase to your abilities, and this amount is multiplied not only by your buffs (such as Final Secret), but also by items like Baium Ring, Talisman of Baium, and Talisman of Authority.What do I need on the Early Levels?Your first puchase should be a pair of Duals C over-enchanted (+7 can go a long way) as you want to be able to slay monsters as quickly as possible to gather adena and XP. Blue Wolf Heavy set will be your go-to armor set in the early stages of the game. You should also start buying the daily Talismans and Belt for 600k adenas on the L-Coin Store as soon as possible and keep on enchanting them, +3 Eva/Belt and +5 Aden are quite easy to make and will give a nice boost to your character. Once you start gathering a good amount of adena and reach level 76+, you can focus on your first A-Grade equipment. Tallum Blade*Damascus will be the obvious choice, as they are easily affordable. Try to grab either a Nightmare or Majestic Heavy set (they are pretty much equivalent, altho some NM pieces can give you a vampiric effect which can be helpful). Whichever you choose, make sure to grab a NM Heavy Helmet in either case, there is no A-Grade Set bonus on Essence, and this one will give you an extra 5% damage reflection compared with the MJ one.What about Epic Armors?Duelists are blessed with both Light and Heavy armor masteries. Your Light armor mastery is actually stronger than the Heavy one, as it provides you with 1 extra P.def (i know, right?) and +6 P. evasion. At the time this guide was written, Lightning is pretty much equivalent to Ice Crystal in PvP, but certainly better for PvE. This is due to a few reasons: Lightning body armor only has 30 P.Def less than Ice Crystal. In PvE, the extra P. Evasion from your passive and DEX make up for it and evens-out the damage mobs will output on you. This won't be the case in PVP. P.Evasion is not gonna make any difference unfortunately, as you will mostly be targeted with skills (for which regular P.Evasion doesn't apply). However, Lightning will give you better offensive tools overall, such as increased skill critical damage, bonus STR (and extra DEX), which are very effective on a burst-based damage dealer character such as yours. This ensures that you will maximize the dps you're able to output on a target during PvP. All that being said, developers have noticed how under-powered Ice Crystal is compared to its Lightning sister, and decided to buff it. The patch will hit Europe during Summer, and will give Ice Crystal a 65 P.Def boost, extra STR, and various small buffs that will make it the uncontested choice for your Duelist. Stay tuned!Tell me about Weapons and Soul CrystalsEasy one. Damascus*Tallum Blade is your weapon of choice and making it +5 should not be a problem. The SC's you want are Tyrr (Atk Speed) and Sigel (HP). I am not a huge fan of prioritizing HP on a Duelist (we'll come to that later) but the reason you want to go with it instead of the P.Def option is because it simply scales better. If you take a Sigel 12 for instance, on a higher level Duelist, +20% HP will be a lot more useful than a flat +192 P.Def. Your third SC slot will welcome a Lilith rune once you manage to put your hands on one!And now Jewellery!You can enchant DV/TOI accessories (+5 for the first bonuses, or +7 for the additional characteristics boosts) as a first step. Phoenix/Majestic jewels +5 will do the rest the job regarding your M.Def once you collected one of each DV and TOI accessories. Baium Ring is an incredible boost for you with the Skill Power, P.Atk, and CD Reduction. This is all you could hope for. Zaken Earring can also help you with your ranged stun (Sonic Blaster) aswell as giving you extra sustain with the vampiric that also works with skills. Orfen Earring will be a life savior in PVE as it will allow you to constantly have enough mana to spam your skills... Provided you can make it level 3 AQ Ring over Core Ring. Not because of the critical bonuses since they don't apply on skills, but mostly for the P.atk. Duelist is more about dealing damage than receiving it, so you should do your best to maximize the dps you can output on your target. We will get damage reduction somewhere else! Agathions, Brooch, and TalismansAgathions are pretty straight forward, you want them all to +5 or higher for the stats bonuses they prove.[/color] If you don't have enough slots on your Bracelet yet, prioritize Ignis and Petram as those will give you the most consequent stats (respectively P.Atk and P.Def). Note that your Indestructible Sound is not affected by Paralysis Chance Increase stats (like the one from Ignis), however, the Stun Chance Increase from Petram will work very well on your Sonic Blaster. Brooch Jewels are a little bit more tricky, so let's takes a loot ak them: Opal is your pure PvP-oriented one, and making it lv4 or lv5 will grant you a temporary debuff invulnerability that is godsent when engaging or disengaging a fight. I keep it on even during PvE as you never know who will be waiting for you in a dark corner of TOI... Onyx is the unavoidable one. it talks for himself: damage-damage-damage! Coral is also needed, the higher it is, the better you will spam your combos. Spinel is another important one. Damage reduction from criticals, and characteristics boost. It's also the most linear one to upgrade as each level brings good bonuses. Amber. I'm loving it. Not only does it provide you with ranged damage to execute targets trying to run away, it's also true damage. Meaning it can go through tank UDs and any kind of damage reduction. Its only issue is that it starts being useful from lvl 5 only. Moonstone is your go-to for PVE, especially if you can make it lvl 5. Not particularly for the XP bonus, but for the SG consumption reduction! Zircon... Simply don't use it on your Duelist. The critical damage boost it provides does not work on skills for your class (only daggers are the lucky ones), and as we discussed earlier, your class is about skills and spamming combos. You're never gonna use auto-attacks in PvP, and not enough in PvE to justify leveling one. Not worth it. Talismans should be approached smartly, especially because of how hard and expensive it can get to make them. It's up to you to decide when you've pushed your luck to its limits, or if there is still room for more. Here are the hardcaps you should aim for: Aden Talisman +7 is where you get the final +50% XP bonus, alongside a ton of cool and useful stats. This is your main objective. Eva Talisman +5 is a long term objective that brings different bonuses to make your life easier (mainly MP and Damage Reduction). Speed Talisman +5 or above is not the easiest, but for sure the cheapest. Farm them weekly in Primeval Garden and keep pushing the enchant levels! Talisman of Authority is definitely the toughest of the list, but also the one that will bring the most power to your Duelist: P.Atk, Skill Critical Damage and Skill Power. If there is one talisman you need to tryhard on, this is the one. Try to aim for +5. Venir Talisman is an expensive one to make, you can buy daily fragments for 800k/u and slowly build your way up over-time. The bonuses on lv15 are worth it for any class, no exceptions. Baium Talisman is another very useful item on the Duelist. Someday maybe? : ) Dyes & TattoosAs we discussed earlier, Duelist is a damage dealer, not a tank. We want to prioritize STR to maximize our damage and take advantage of the steroids boosts that we have at our disposal, like War Cry for instance which gives you up to +40% P.Atk (meaning the higher your P.Atk, the more you will get out of this buff for instance). Once you reach 50 CON, you should start working your way up to 70 STR for the Skill Critical Damage bonus. To reach this goal you will want to use either STR+4/DEX-2 or STR+4/CON-2 Dyes. STR+4/DEX-2 is the safest choice for PvP as your DEX doesn't matter that much when fighting other players. STR+4/CON-2 is the optimal setup for PvE as it will maximize your dps, but you will feel more squishy during PvP (especially if it at first you have to settle for +4/-4 Dyes). Anything else?There are a few more items you will need to put your hands on: Dragon Belt +5 is a must-have on any classes, especially melee ones. Not only is it a literal life-savior in PVP, it will also allow you to farm tougher areas thanks to the bonus HP you will get back when using potions. This is a priority. Einhasad's Pendant level 2 or more will give you damage reduction amongst various bonuses. Damage Reduction is one of the most important stats of Essence because of how sustain-oriented the gameplay is on this version. Cloak of Protection +7 and above will give you some nice critical bonuses that the previous levels don't. Sigil. Majestic Sigil is a tough piece of equipment to find, but on top of the good defensive stats it provides, with some luck you can turn it into one of the most valuable item you could hope for thanks to Sigil LifeStones (Critical Damage Reduction, HP+2000, STR, etc). Hat for the STR increase, but you probably guessed it already. You can grab up to +3 STR (1 point from the Hat itself, and 2 more from a LifeStone). ♣ How to play in PvP Now to the interesting stuff. Because this is what matters in the end. You're not playing this class to hide in town, are you? You're a ferocious blood-thirsty beast! Duelist is a great asset to have in any alliance when it comes to PvP. That being said, you will sometimes have to approach PvP in a completely different way depending on the scale and place of the PVP. This is a class that mostly shines in small scales pvp, such as skirmishes, and struggles a lot more in mass teamfights where any misstep will lead to a certain death... We will break those down in a minute, but first, some important things to know: Indestructible Sound is one of the strongest skills of the game, it can paralyze a target for up to 16 seconds but will also give immunity to debuffs and 20% damage reduction to the target for the duration of the debuff. (note that the skill is bugged at the moment. instead of the 20%, it is currently giving 50% damage reduction to the target. The issue has been reported). This is an absolute insane skill to prevent an enemy from escaping, to turn a 1v2 to your advantage, or even to take a healer out of a massive teamfight. Sonic Barrier is another very strong skill, that will give you complete invulnerability for 10 seconds and allow you to safely engage/disengage any fight. Make sure to save your Maximum Sonic Focus for one those two skills as they consume respectively 5 and 2 Momentum charges. Sonic Rage is your main ranged damage skill. More than a 30% P.Def debuff, it also charges your momentum and deal a good amount of damage from a safe distance when you jumping inside the fight is not an option. Sonic Blaster is your one and only stun after 76+. It has a 20 seconds cooldown so be cautious when you use it. This is the perfect skill to use on an over-extending mage or a squishy target such as a dagger trying to take your healer down. Amazing Rising Attack should never be used in PvP. My eyes bleed everytime I see a Duelist using it on an enemy. At the moment, this skill deals -50% damage on PC targets (at this time it his unknown if this is intended or not, but the issue has been reported). It sure has a flashy/gorgeous animation, but PvP is unfortunately not a fashion show so I'd recommend you to simply dismiss it from your PvP skillbar. Lionheart is an absolute treasure of a buff that will increase your resistance to debuffs, don't forget to use it when you're going to be exposed. You can couple it with Dual Weapon Defense which gives you 40% Physical Skill Evasion to boost your survivability. And now, let's take a look at the 2 main types of PvP you'll encounter: Duels and Skirmishes Those are the situations on which the Duelist can reach it's full potential. Your Sonic Move and Dash give you enough mobility to outrun pretty much any target. You can use Indestructible Sound to take one of your opponent out of the fight long enough to kill the remaining ones. Your main DPS abilities are Triple Sonic Slash and Double Sonic Slash, and they deal a lot of damage on a very short cooldown. The only missing component of the Duelist is his lack of crow control, so if you ever find yourself in a position where you cannot output damage because your enemy is kiting away from you: try to stall the fight with LionHeart or Barrier until your only CC's are ready to use, or simply assist your team on the targets they manage to pull or immobilize. This is pretty much the strategy you want to adopt in Olympiad as well, pick the targets you can actually kill efficiently, your damage is too valuable to be wasted by running around or chasing that 285 movement speed SoulHound in brigandine. Duelist is also one of the best classes regarding solo ganks! Because of your high mobility, it is very easy to cover a whole area in a short amount of time, and kill an enemy before he has time to realize what's going on. You can also use your paralyze to prevent them from escaping once you made sure to use your debuffs first (use Sonic Rage and other debuffs before paralyzing them with Indestructible Sound, as it will render the enemy invulnerable to subsequent debuffs). If it turns out the enemy has reinforcements nearby, you should easily be able to escape with your barrier/sprint/dash like the real road runner you are! Mass TeamfightsThis is where you need to be careful with your character. No matter your amount of HP, Special HP Potions, or whatever gear you have will save you if you rush head first into 40 enemies ready to chew you up and spit you right back to village. It can be nearly impossible for you to play as a pure melee damage dealer during fights that take place out of the scope of open-areas. Fighting in close-quarters (like Baium stairs and Core room) or in tight corridors will often reduce the role of the Duelist to a Utility Damage Dealer because of how dangerous it becomes to get too close....But that doesn't mean you have to be useless and wait for your team to carry you! During those mass pvp, you belong in the frontline, right behind the Tanks and the Death Knights. Your job is to assist them whenever they pull a target and make sure to kill them instantly with your TSS/DSS combo. So stay near them, spam Sonic Rage and Blasters on the enemies over-extending, and help your team get rid of whoever is threatening your backline while the DK's and Tanks pull juicy targets for you to swallow whole. Your Sonic Barrier is also great way to engage a teamfight, or to open up the way for your teammates. You can use it to temporarily soak up damage and allow your frontline to move forwards while enemies are vainly focusing on you (make sure to be flagged when doing this so enemies using /targetnext can target you). You should also always be on the look-out for opportunities to make use of your Indestructible Sound. This is an extremely powerful skill that as a game-changing potential if you manage to use it against a key target (such as a strong mage or a healer).♣ Tips & Tricks That's it for now guys! Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it helped. There is much more to find out about this class, so try things out, experiment, and let me know here or in-game if you have questions/feedback. I will keep on updating this guide so it stays relevant over the upcoming updates. Enjoy!