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ข้อมูล Awakened weapon อาวุธบอส

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ข้อมูล Awakened weapon อาวุธบอส

อาวุธบอสสามารถดรอบจากบอส  epic bosses: Zaken, Queen of Ants, Baium, Orfen, Core; เกิดทุก 24 ชม
หรือเปิดจากกล่อง Boss Weapon Box หาจากได้จากกิจกรรมหรือ Pack ต่างๆ 
- Awakened weapons can be obtained from epic bosses: Zaken, Queen of Ants, Baium, Orfen, Core;

Item Type Physical.Atk. Magical.Atk. +5 Performance Bonus
Thunder Baium Dagger 220 137 STR/INT
Plasma Kernel Bow Bow 570 151 WIT
Queen Ant's Destroyer One-handed crushing 251 173 CON
Orfen's Poison Sword Two-handed Sword 305 137 MEN
Zaken's Blood Sword One-handed sword 251 137 DEX


- Upon modification, the probability of triggering a normal and enhanced attacking ability increases, and the power of these skills also increases;

- Starting with modification +5, a bonus to the characteristics applies. The higher the modification value, the higher the bonus (up to +6 to the characteristic);

- In the case of weapons Thunder Bayum, Phys./Mag. Atk. the item increases with the level of the character-owner; in the screenshots below you can see the effect of the level bonus for characters of level 80 and 85.


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