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[Guide Contest Winner] General tips for newcomers: How to save adena and level up faster, safer!

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[Guide Contest Winner] General tips for newcomers: How to save adena and level up faster, safer!

Server name: Blue.
Character nickname: Zaar.

Hi, I've been playing in this server for several months and make lots of mistakes since the beginning. Thanks to those mistakes and some good in-game friends that make me learnt several things which will save you lots of adenas and time.

1. Receive your gifts everyday.
- There’re two kind of gifts: Newbie Gift and Sayha’s Support Pack. Newbie Gift can be received max 1 per account and Sayha’s Support Pack can be received 1 everyday per account. Do this, you’ll save lots of adena in Spirit Ore, Soulshot Tickets, Sayha’s Storm lv 3, Sayha’s Cookie.

  • Spirit Ore mostly needed to play your character skills.
  • Soulshot Tickets used for exchange Soulshot/Blessed Spiritshot.
  • Sayha’s Storm lv 3 used for speeding up your levels when farming.
  • Sayha’s Cookie used for increasing the Sayha’s Grace bar.
  • Sayha’s Grace bar need to be filled everytime you farm or adena from mobs will be decreased once there’s nothing left in the Sayha’s Grace bar.

- There’s a tradeoff between using Sayha’s Storm and not using Sayha’s Storm. When using, you’ll level up faster in farming but consuming more Sayha’s Grace bar, once the bar is empty and you have nothing to fill it again, you’ll suffer from the decreasing in exp and adena while farming. When not using, you’ll level up slower but consuming less Sayha’s Grace bar.
- To optimize the process, you have two choices, either you have a lot of Sayha’s Cookies or try to use the Sayha’s Storm when there’s a Sayha’s Grace support effect. The effect might last in 1h, 2h,… in the meantime, you can use any exp scroll and Sayha’s Storm you got without being decreased the Sayha’s Grace bar.

2. Stack Talismans, Agathion Bracelet and Dragon Belt.
- This reminder is only when you can farm at least 2 mil adenas per day.
There’re lots of stuffs you need to equip to your character to make it strong enough in farming or pvp-ing. Most of them you need to find from bosses or buy from other peoples. Meanwhile, there’re 4 things make your character stronger that you can buy in the early game: Talisman of Aden, Talisman of Eva, Agathion Bracelet and Dragon Belt.

  • Talisman of Aden: 600k adena. Can be purchased once per day. High success rate. Huge impact on P/M.Atk, P/M.Def, HP/MP, Bonus XP, P/M.Atk Speed.
  • Talisman of Eva: 600k adena. Can be purchased once per day. Low success rate. Huge impact on M.Def, Max MP, MP Recovery, Decrease damage when got crit, Decrease MP consumption.
  • Dragon Belt: 600k adena. Can be purchased once per day. Low success rate. Huge impact on boosting stats, Weight limit, Inventory Slot, Max HP/MP/CP,…
  • Agathion Bracelet: 500k adena. Can be purchased once per day. Low success rate. Impact on boosting stats.

- For the beginning, Aden +7 and Belt +5 are the game changer for every characters. May the luck stay with you.

3. Do Transcedent Instance Zone.
- Transcedent Instance Zone is a place where you can gain lots of exp and craft points. Transcedent Instance Zone can be joined once per day.
- Craft points needed for your craft. In the crafting system in this game, you have a chance to get from normal to epic items. One craft point will be consumed every time you update the list in Random Craft. Beside, craft points can be found while farming such as: Old Resources, Unknown Resources, Shining Resources, High-grade Resources, Thons, Unknown Metal,…
- It’s your choice to hit “Create Button” or “Update the list”. Each time the list is updated, 5 new items will appear. You’ll have 20% of your chance to get the item you want everytime you hit “Create Button” and it cost you 500k adenas.

- No color = normal items.
- Yellow color = worth crafted items.
- Blue color = rare items.
- Red color = epic items.

4. Join Orc Fortress.
- Unfortunately, Orc Fortress has been closed recently due to some server issues. This tip might be helpful in case it can be opened again.
- Orc Fortress is a place where you can easily find 150 mil Exp from the quest after you’re 60 and this quest is daily. Orc Fortress usually occurred in 20:00 CEST Time. To do this, you need help from others, try to find party. The easy way to get a party for joining Orc Fortress is from the clan, so my advice is try to find a good clan since you want to level up faster and safer.

- A good clan can also give you bonus exp and some abilities that can make you a bit stronger in farming and safer from droping items when died from mobs.
5. Join Primeval Isle and Primeval Garden.
- Primeval Isle is a safe place for you to farm, it’s a no pvp zone so people can’t kill you while you’re farming. Beside, it has a lot of mobs so you will have lots of space for farming. Once your level is 40+, you can join Primeval Isle. My recommendation is that you shouldn’t join it when you’re not 60+. Everyday, you’ll get at least 2 hours in this place.
- Primeval Garden is a really good place for exp. Once your level is 76+, you can join Primeval Garden. Beside good exp, this place also gives you a chance to receive Talisman of Speed from mobs and from quests. Try to stack them also. Everyday, you’ll get at least 1 hour in this place.

- Talisman of Speed worth 2 mil adena. Can be purchased once per day. I don’t recommend you to buy this Talisman from L-Coin Store. Try to find it from quest and from mobs in Primeval Garden.
Talisman of Speed has a huge impact on P/M.Def, Atk.Spd,…
- While farming in those two areas, you’ll have a chance to meet Golden Pig. Attacking Golden Pig gives you Golden Pig’s Leaf (worth 180 adena each) and a bunch of adena drop onto the ground. Meanwhile, some Golden Piglets may appear. Killing Golden Piglet gives you some reward such as Talisman of Speed, Ziggo Jewel, Cloth Piece,… Golden Pig will respawn every 1 hour from the moment it died.

  • Ziggo Jewel as I remember worth 90 mil adena when you sell it in any shop of any town.
  • Cloth Piece needed for the A-Grade items when you need to reseal Gloves/Boots.

6. Farming spots.
- Due to some classes have the advantages of long range farming, some melee classes will have a hard chance to gain exp. In my opinion, those are some good farming spots for every classes in each phase of level.

  • Lv 40-55: Cemetary / Sea of Spores.
  • Lv 56-67: Enchanted Valley / Field of Massacre / Plain of Glory / Seal of Shilens.
  • Lv 68-76: Catacomb of the Witch / War Torn Plain / Patriot of Necropolis / Blazing Swarm / Necropolis of Devotion.
  • Above 76: Dragon Valley / Tower of Insolence / Plain of the Lizardmen.

(Place which is written first has the highest priority, meaning should farm in that place).
- Some mobs have a type of element. Try to read which element type of the mobs and switch to the appropriate spirit, this will give you extra damage, crit rate, crit damage to the mobs and defense when being attacked by the mobs.


- Beside, you can evolve your spirit through Evolution Stone. Evolution Stones can be found from lv 70+ solo bosses or can be bought from people who got it.

7. Equipments.
- In Lineage 2 Essence, you can get Aden Weapon (D-grade) and Moon Armor Set (D-grade) through quests once you reach lv 20. Aden Weapon is good enough for you to farm till you reach high level due to it’s increase in P/M.Atk when you reach a certain level.
- In my opinion, you don’t need to buy C-grade or B-grade Weapon from other people, try to craft the C-grade or B-grade Weapon Coupon through crafting system. Once you got it, exchange it in through Game Assistant to get the B/C-grade Weapon you want, do that you will safe lots of adena.
- About Armor, only C/B-grade Armor Set will give you additional properties when you equip the full set. A-grade Armor Set won’t give you any additional properties when equip full set. So if you intend to buy A-grade Armor Set, try to mix it because each part of A-grade Armor will have a unique properties. For example, Nightmare Light Gloves/Dark Crystal Heavy Breastplate/Dark Crystal Heavy Gaiters/Tallum Robe Helmet/Majestic Heavy Boots. Doesn’t matter you’re equip light/heavy/robe the peripheral parts (gloves, helmet, boots), the skill “Heavy/Light/Robe Armor Mastery” only depends on the Breastplate you’re wearing.
- There’re 4 ways to get C/B-grade Armor/Weapon:

  • Crafting the C/B-grade Armor/Weapon Coupon through the Crafting System and exchange it in the Game Assistant.
  • Buying from Luxury Shop in Giran (only for Low and Mid C-grade items).
  • Buying from people who have it in-game.
  • Killing Command Channel Bosses.

- There’re 3 ways to get A-grade Armor/Weapon:

  • Crafting the C/B-grade Armor/Weapon Coupon through the Crafting System and exchange it in the Game Assistant.
  • Buying from people who have it in-game.
  • Killing Command Channel Bosses.

(Recommendation which is written first has the highest priority, meaning should do it first).
- To see the properties of C/B/A-grade or Special Armor, go to the Game Assistant.
- To exchange Coupon for the desired items, go to the Game Assistant.

8. Investment Process.
- To make the character strong, there’re plenty of things you need to buy for your character. Most of the things are expensives and have a low success rate. So in my opinion, here are some items that you should invest gradually to your character.

  • Top C-grade Weapon.
  • Top A-grade Armor Set (try to mix to have your desire unique properties).
  • Talisman of Aden +7, Dragon Belt +5, Talisman of Eva +4/5, Agathion Bracelet lv 3.
  • Soul Crystal lv 6/8 (Tyrr or Othell is recommended to invest 1st).
  • Majestic Sigil +4/5 (try to buy it with some good properties: 1500-2000 HP, 80-100 P/M.Def).
  • Majestic Ring/Earring +4/5, Ring of Insolence +5, Dragon Valley’s Earring +5.
  • Jewels lv 3 (Onyx, Coral, Spinel, Moonstone is recommended to invest 1st).
  • Stack Venir’s Talisman Fragment and buy Venir’s Talisman (try to stack the Venir’s Talisman Fragment as much as you can. Once it’s enough you can try your luck on Venir’s Talisman no make it as high as possible. Venir’s Talisman has a hugh impact on boosting stats and some other properties).
  • Top A-grade/Bosses Weapon +5.
  • Top A-grade Armor Set +5.

- From this moment on, you are strong enough and have lots of experience in-game playing, the future now in your hand. Choose the path you want, join big clan to have wars and epic bosses and let the fun begin.
- All of the items properties and enchant rate, you can visit l2central.info/essence for more information.
I really hope those small tips above will help you with both of your time and adenas. All of the statements above are “should do” not “must do” things and based on my point of views. Feel free to enjoy the game the way you like. Remember to stay hydrated while in-game. Thank you for your attention to this post. Hope you have a nice day and may luck upon you.

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