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[Guide Contest Winner] Basic Guide for Beginners (a little of everything)

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Basic Guide for Beginners. [Guide Contest]

Hello to all new Lineage 2 Essence adventurers. I'm from the BLUE server and my nick is Hazy.

This is a very basic beginner's guide, nothing specific with just a single tip and yes I will try to talk about almost everything you, who recently started, need to know to take advantage of Lineage 2 Essence. 1-76

1. Choose your class
2. Start your missions and auto hunting
3. Daily Missions tab, etc
4. Choose your profession and gain new skills
5. Auto use of HP potions

6. Buying basic skill books
7. Join a clan

Lv. 30 doubt in the mission
8. Teleport
9. Game Assistant
10. Magic Lamp
11. Spirits * pets *
12. Craft Point
13. Sayha's Grace
14. Hunting areas and Boss
15. Battle for Orc Fortress
16. Especial Hunting Zones
17. Find private store
18. Pets

1. Choose your class

In Lineage 2 Essence, all classes are self-sufficient, no class needs to be in 'pt' to get, for example, a 'song of earth' or a 'danc of fury' or a 'berserker'. All classes have their own buffs, some of which you buy at the NPC in the city and others you buy from players. This means that, as it is a server focused on PVP and self-sufficient classes, for example a BS does not necessarily have to be in a 'RAID BOSS' dispute just to cure his allies but to kill immigrants, that is, all class in the Lineage 2 Essence kills. Then choose the class you like to play the most.

The character I chose was a Kamael Archer, which for me is one of the best classes for farming adena, you can also choose any Sumoner class, especially the Elven race.

2. Start your missions
Well what you need to do initially is to do the missions, which are very simple, to kill monsters. Each race is born in its city of origin.

Open the l2 store located on the right side of the screen. The game gives you a 'newbie pack' as a gift once per account and once a day sayha's support pack * later on I will talk about it.

The automatic hunting is very simple, notice that below on the screen you see a large round symbol with a sword, there is the automatic hunting, just click and your character will go after an enemy.
In that same button there are 4 options

1. Combat Mode - If connected, you will fight back from another player.
2. Auto-loot / pick up items that fall on the floor.
3. Respect Hunting - If you are connected, when you are in a hunting area and you have a player attacking a monster you will respect and not attack the same monster he is facing.
4. Auto target - Find monsters near or far from where you are


The missions will give you several items, a weapon that will help you in the farm, 'NO GRADE' jewels and a MOON set.

At the end of almost all missions you get a teleport to go straight to the NPC. If I'm not mistaken there are some missions that already take you directly to the hunting ground, stay tuned.


3. Daily Missions tab, etc

Stay tuned to this mission tab until you get used to not forgetting what you have to do daily. Here you will find simple missions, such as killing a certain amount of monsters, participating in the Olympics, reaching a certain level, evolving spirits (pet *) among other things.


4. Choose your profession and gain new skills

It's very simple, here you choose your first profession and then go to your skills (alt + k) and learn all that don't need a learning book. You also get a 'Moon set' 2 books and a weapon that can be enchanted up to +4.


5. Auto use of HP potions

There are healing potions for CP and HP however here I will only teach you how to use the HP potion, just have the potions in your bag and apply it for self-use, as shown in the image. Configure the usage percentage as you see fit.


6. Buying basic skill books

As I said, some skills you have to buy at the grocery store, as my Kamael had already gained at level 20 'haste' and 'acumen' I only had to buy 'focus' 'deathwisper' and 'clarity'. I didn't buy 'wild magic' and 'empower'.

Remember some skills require 'spirit ore' to be used and this non-beginner item is not as cheap as it looks, in the same way BSS or SS and by the way, there is only one type of BSS and SS for all 'grades.


7. Join a clan

To maximize your 'up' enter a clan (alt + N), look for a public 5 or 4 clan and try to enter. Some bonuses you receive as XP and an important asset that if you die for a monster do not run the risk of dropping some of your items.


Lv. 30 doubt in the mission

In the mission of level 30 you have to click on the coumpound to unite two items and make it transform from level 1 to level 2.


8. Teleport

Traditional teleport is almost no longer used in Lineage 2, just go to the icon at the bottom right of the screen and you have access to the teleport. Up to a certain level, teleportation is free.


9. Game Assistant


Several things can be done in the 'game assinstant', just click and you will see, it is on the right side of the screen. Exchange soulshot tickets, transfer items to another character from the same account, participate in active events, etc.

10. Magic Lamp


On the right side there is the 'magic lamp' which is an extra way for you to earn XP and SP. It is very simple to kill monsters and the bar will rise, complete 100% and you will get a lamp.

Click on play and you have the chance to receive the following items:

green lantern (5kk xp, 135k sp)
blue lantern (10kk xp, 270k sp)
purple lantern (30kk xp, 810k sp)
red lantern (100kk xp, 2kk700 sp)

there are better flashlights, but that's only 76+

There is also a purple potion that if you use your magic lamp increases the rate by 20%, that is, get ready to kill many monsters during 1 hour (time of the potion) and see that your magic lamp will run faster, this item it is rare, you earn by leveling up or buying at the l2store.


11. Spirits * pets *


Reaching level 40 choose your next profession, and now let's talk about the * pet * spirits that help you hunt with bonus attributes.

There are 4 types of spirits, fire, water, earth and wind. Both can be upgraded up to level 10, whenever they reach the level she gets a star, in which case each pet has 5 stars, the more stars the stronger your spirit will be and you will have more attribute damage. To level up just kill monsters, and to stop leveling the stars you have to use an evolution stone that is not cheap (drop bosses). There are also some fragments that drop from bosses who give a little percentage to lift the spirit.

Each monster * (not all) has an element type, just click on the monster and below its name it shows what type of element it is weak. Depending on the location you are in, you can add a specific element. For example, if you are killing a fire-type monster, you use water, and its water element goes up, basically this is about elemental spirits.

12. Craft Point


At level 40 you take a quest that will give you an item (stone of purity) that will be used in your first random craft.


On the right side of the screen click on random craft and play the SOP to earn 1 random craft point. and then click on update the list and see if there is something good for you to try your luck.
You will see that there are 5 spaces, when you click on CREATE, you have a 20% chance of getting that item you want inside the others. A detail, whenever you load 1 point you get 2 Sayha's Blessing (I'll talk about it in the next post).


See also that there is a cadean in each space, so in case an item appears that you want, you can lock it for 100lcoin and give 'update the list' that the locked item will not be updated, you can do this 3 times. This is good if the items are very rare.
The other way to get points for random craft is by killing monsters and taking their drop, notice that it drops some items that in a traditional lineage 2 would be to create items here it is used to raise the percentage of the craft point bar, basically it is that.




more details in the video below.

13. Sayha's Grace

Sayha's Grace, is located on the right side above the magic lamp. Always keep it activated, that is, above 1% to earn adena and xp, it is almost like the 'vitality' of other versions of lineage 2. If your sayha's reaches 0, you will earn little xp and 0 adena.


You can keep se sayha's with sayha's cookie that sells in the l2store game store, and in the 'mission' bar remember it? Another way is to give yourself 4game. But this is temporary, for the period we are going through due to the corona virus, or not?


Another pot that helps you if your sayha's reaches 0 is the 'limited sayha's blessing' lasts 7 days and increases 200% xp / sp and the adena drop is reduced. This item can be obtained from the l2coin store. (Below the game screen there is an Lcoin)


Another way is by killing bosses. that's basically it.

14. Hunting areas and Boss

Open the map and notice that when you hover your mouse over the area you see the level of that area, so you know if you can stay in that place or not. You can also see the time that each boss will be born and if you want to go to a boss, you can teleport once a day for free to the location, then the cost is lcoin.


Cemetery > 42-45 or 42-60 if you want to be safe

Fields of Massacre > 55-62

Plains of Glory > 62-70

Devil's Isle or Catacombs > 70-76
(there are other areas, but those were the ones I stayed the most.)


15. Battle for Orc Fortress


There is a daily mission that you have to kill some orc, to get 1 red lamp and 5 blue lamps, if I am not mistaken it is from level 70. Oren > Road to Orc Fortress, go north. Doing this group mission is faster. The red lamp is sometimes more difficult, your 'pt' has to give the orc one last hit.

16. Especial Hunting Zones

Located on the right side to go to these areas you have to be in the city. From level 40 onwards you can go to the first special area, but I must say that you have to be a little bit equipped and have more level to be able to withstand this place, as it is a little strong. (Primavel Isle), duration of 2 hours free per day, which can be extended.


In this place too, the use consumption of your sayha's is reduced by 50%, notice in the buff you receive. Another detail is that the deeper you go on the island, the monsters get stronger.

Trancendent Instance Zone(IMPORTANT, Do this instance every day) is an area that you earn a lot of XP, points * for leveling the random craft and lots of lamps, so between there fully buffed, with everything you have to boost, hp wells at the maximum of auto use, xp scrolls , clan buff, etc. Remember when you enter that instance you have 10 minutes to get the most out of it. Talk to the npc and you will see your main skill now get the area, yes. Several monsters will appear at once so be careful.

Baus are montrons that drop random craft points. That's basically it.
More details in the video below.

17. Find private Store

To find a specific item in the city in the middle of that crowd, the 'find private store' is very useful.
Press alt + X on the keyboard - find private store - type in the name of the item.

18. Pets


Now you can play in the company of a pet, but it is very difficult to get one.
There are several, Kookaburra, Tiger, Wolf, Buffalo, Hawk, Dragon.

Chief Atingo summons one of the pets or a Sin Eater. The summoned minions are invincible for 10 seconds. The invincibility is removed immediately when Atingo is dead.
If Atingo has summoned a pet, a character will receive a sealed necklace to summon it as a trophy.
If Atingo summoned a Sin Eater, a character can receive multiple items as a reward, but there will be no necklace.
The chance of summoning a pet is significantly less than the chance of summoning a Sin Eater.

Each pet has unique abilities, it is possible to summon just one pet. Pets wear weapons, full armor jewelry. I won't go into more detail about the pet because I don't have one yet.

Well that's all folks, I'm really tired of writing, but it was worth it and even made me learn a few things. Hope this helps.


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