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ระบบเกมสะสม Collections เพิ่มสเตตัส

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  • Collections are sets of items that provide the character with different buffs when you collect them all.
  • Сollections are available to characters starting from Lv. 1.
  • The contents and the effects of collections are shared among all the characters of an account, but not across servers.
  • Collections include various items: weapons, armor, accessories and others.
  • The maximum amount of items in a collection is 6.
  • It is possible to replace one item with another in some collections. To replace an item, press the button below it.
  • To open the Collections window, click the corresponding button in the menu or in the character's inventory.
  • Collections are split into different categories. These are shown as items showcased in your Collections screen (e.g., armor, sword) and buttons (e.g., Attack, Defense) at the screen's bottom. Click on either of them to open the selected category.
    • Be careful, when you open the Collections screen, all other windows will be hidden.
  • There are 8 collection categories: Attack, Defense, Support, Special, Stats, Utility, Event and Favorites.
  • When you hover your cursor over a category, you will see the percentage of completed collections within that category.
  • You can add any collection to Favorites. When you open a category, the favorited collections will always be at the top.
  • When you open a collection category, the following will be shown:
    • All the available collections and their effects;
    • Collections that are in the process of being completed;
    • All the completed collections and their effects.
  • You can also use the search option to find the item you are looking for.
  • Whenever you obtain an item that can be added to a collection, a special notification appears.
  • Items that can be added to a collection have a special designation in their tooltip and description.
  • The following types of items cannot be added to a collection:
    • Augmented items;
    • Enchanted items, unless otherwise specified;
    • Items with inserted Soul Crystals;
    • The majority of sealed items that can be unsealed by blacksmiths. These items can only be added to a collection if it is specifically stated that the collection item needs to be sealed. Items that can't be unsealed by blacksmiths (marked with the (Sealed) tag), can be added to a collection. For example, Sealed Doom Gloves cannot be added to a collection, while Doom Gloves - Robe (Sealed) can;
    • Items with changed appearance;
    • Equipped items.
  • To add an item to a collection, select it with the left mouse button and then click the Collections button in the inventory. The Collections window will open, showing all the collections the item can be added to.
  • Whenever an item is added to a collection, it is removed from the inventory.
  • After an item has been added to a collection, it's impossible to take it out.
  • The effect of a completed collection is applied immediately.
  • All of the applied effects are listed in the Collections screen.
  • Once a collection is complete, a ribbon will appear on its Details button. A box icon will also light up, if completing a collection is additionally rewarded.
  • Collection buffs can be permanent and temporary.
    • Permanent buffs are always active.
    • Temporary buffs deactivate after a certain time. Open the Collections screen to see how long the effect will be active for.
  • Some collections can only be completed in a specified time window, hover over the collection with you cursor to see the dates.

Available buffs

  • Collections provide the following buffs:







P. Atk.

P. Def.

Max HP

Paralysis Resistance


Weight Limit

M. Atk.

M. Def.

Max MP

Hold Resistance


Inventory Slots

P. Skill Critical Damage

Received P. Skill Critical Damage Decrease

Max CP

Sleep Resistance


Warehouse Slots

M. Skill Critical Damage

Received M. Skill Critical Damage Decrease

HP Recovery Rate

Pull Resistance


Store Slots

Skill Critical Damage

Received Skill Critical Damage Decrease

MP Recovery Rate

Mental Resistance


Acquired XP/SP

Skill Power

Damage Decrease

CP Recovery Rate

Stun Resistance


Magic Lamp Charging Rate

P. Skill Critical Rate

Received P. Skill Critical Rate Decrease

Casting Spd.


Item Loss Rate Decrease

M. Skill Critical Rate

Received M. Skill Critical Rate Decrease

Atk. Spd.


Death XP Penalty Decrease

Soulshot Damage

Received Skill Critical Rate Decrease



Lost Item Recovery Cost Decrease

Spiritshot Damage

Resistance to All Weapons

Received Healing


Buff Slots


Cooldown Decrease


Sayha's Grace Refill Increase


Skill MP Consumption Decrease


Sayha's Grace Consumption Decrease

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