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Lineage 2 Essence - Einhasad Pendants

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Lineage 2 Essence - Einhasad Pendants

At the Vitamin Manager, Dragon pendants can be exchanged for Einhasad pendants of the same level starting from 2.

On October 2, as part of the campaign to support the siege , the developers published information about the characteristics of the Einhasad suspension. Prior to this, the pendant could be purchased as part of a temporary promotion in the L store.

Einhasad Pendants can be synthesized up to level 5. Only pendants of the same level are synthesized.

Suspension levelPhys. Def.Mage Def.Experience gained and SPDamage receivedSpeed Atk. And Speed. Of magicPhys. And the Magician. Crete. DamagePhys. Atk. And the Magician. Atk.Active Skill


Active skill Prayer - Within 15 seconds, recovers 100 HP and 50 MP. Additionally increases movement speed by 33.

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