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Death Knight Fire Sword

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Death Knight Fire Sword

In the November 27 patch, a new item, Fire Sword of the Death Knight, was added to the game.

First you need to get the Blade of the Fire Sword with the help of the Master class skill - creating items. Simply put - regular craft.

Making a sword


Items needed to craft the Blade of the Fire Sword flaming-death-night-blade.jpg

The recipe for the Blade can be obtained from the Karim monster in the Antharas Cave cross-server dungeon. Appears from 20 to 50 minutes of every hour.

The blade is a necessary resource for creating the Fire Sword of the Death Knight.It flaming-death-night-sword.jpgcan also be obtained with some chance from the raid on RB Zaken.

The recipe for the Death Knight Fire Sword drops from RB Begimot in the Antharas Cave cross-server dungeon. Appears at 22:00


Death Knight Fire Sword Stats

Phys. Atk. 431
Mage Atk. 291
Attack Speed Fast
Crete. eight
Consuming Soulshots 1
Consuming Spiritshots 1
The weight 1300

Death Knight Fire Sword Effects


Description of the passive skill

  • Increases all basic stats by +3
  • Vampiric Rage Effect
  • Doubles the time of debuffs applied to enemies


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